He has signed a black panther today after he protest

One of the best free players in the league finally found the next home, Carolina Black Leopard announced the signing of safety Wei Ric-Rude, the former San Francisco 49 players have been expired after last year. At home, it is the second figure of the national anthem. Some people think it is also the movement of the Alliance to make other teams to him.

In 2016, Reed was the first player with Katnik, from that, from that, Ridders were with cards in the whole season, and Line Wile-Haroldo. Last year, Rid continued to repeat this action throughout the season, and expressed his dissatisfaction with racial oppression in many public occasions. In May of this year, the NFL player will file a complaint to NFL on behalf of Rid, accuse the alliance and the bosses, prevent him from finding work, he also hired a lawyer to accuse the President Donald – Trump.

Join the Black Leopard, he will replace the old Darnris Sercy, the latter encounters the brain shock in a month. General Manager Marti Herne said on the ESPN on Thursday that the team opened the transaction on Monday, and arranged the reed and the team in Wednesday. When he was asked some historical factors in the past, Herni Decisive: “We make this decision is based on the fact that he is an excellent rugby player. In the past few years, he did very well, we think he can help us win the game.”

At present, 49 people’s starting safety sages – Tat and Adrian Collbert are dealing with injuries. After confirming, 49 people have sent an invitation to Reid this week, but Rid is obviously unwilling Go back to this sad place. In addition, according to the reporter, Rid will continue to protest in their own way this year. “We will talk from time to time,” 49 angle Wei Richard-Shelman said: “I know that he will be signed, now there are many bad players to find a job, he is an excellent player, so no The reason is not signed. “

After you know your good brothers, Cape Nick wished to send a congratulatory message in the individual social media: “Congratulations on my brother, he is a star-level security, this should be opened on the free player market. Complete the contract, now he finally got a contract that belongs to him. He is the first person who is kneeling around me, is a just warrior! “

Since 49 people use the first round (No. 18) sign in 2013, Rid is sitting in the rookie season, and the 49 people have been effective for 5 years. In the past two seasons, Riddles missed a total of 9 games, but even so, there was a good play in the game in his appearance.

With the signing of Reid, then the Katnik, who is idle, will the next player who found a job? This problem is good, because it is entirely possible, the black panther is obviously a pioneer, first try the public to react if the fans respond well, then some teams that need four-point guard will throw olive branches to Katnik. The key to the current problem is that the number of fans will not decrease, and the sponsors will not retreat, and the ratings will not decline.


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