MLB Hall of Hattle Selection Results Breakfare Team Legend

January 22 (Text / ESPN Compile / Draskar) Today, the Alliance announced the results of the National Baseball Writers Association vote for the election of the celebrities.Front New York Yangji team leader DEREK JETER won 396 votes, and the full ticket is only one vote; at the same time, the front of Colorado Sluro Star Wild Lavigation – Walker got 304 votes, in the famous HallThe last year has just passed the famous threshold.

Kitte’s ticket rate reached 99.7%, second only to the full ticket for the first year of the election teammate Mariano Rivira, and now I don’t know who didn’t choose the base. Among all the reporters of all public ballots, Kitt is famous on the list; Walker’s ticket will be more than 6 votes than the celebrity threshold, and the ticket rate is more than 20% over last year; the two will be two people on July 26 this year. In the December, the senior military committee voted for the first Red Tittham Simmons and the players Chairman Marvin Miller entered the famous Hall of the Town of Guke.

At the time of interviews, Kiter said: “Frank, I am still very nervous when I pick up the phone, I know that I have selected the celebrities, and that feels can’t say.” Compared to the first year, I was eligible for the famous Hall of House, Walker The road to celebration is obviously much more bumpy. In 2011, he was only 20.3% in the first meeting. In 2014, he even fell by 10.2%; however, his ticket rate in the last two years was like a rocket, and squeezed the last bus of the famous Hall.

Walker said: “I am Canadian, I have to get the ball to wear skates in the hour. For us. For us, the performance on the ice hockey is more important than everything. When I am in the ice court Ideally, I am very fortunate that I can find baseball. “

Kitot 6 in 1992 was selected by the New York Yangji, and January 29, 1995 was completed as a guerrilla. In 19
96, after the first guerrilla Tony – Fernande was injured, the new Yangji main coach Qiao Torre took Kazi to send a guerrilla for the team. The career is the role of Yangji, which is only the guerrilla zone. Although from the high-order preparation data, Kiter guerrillas are the worst of the alliance, but relying on the reputation of the United States, he still got 5 gold gloves.

Kiti’s impression left by the fans is not just a number, and there is an unforgettable moment: 2001 partition Saijitt in time, the transfer of the team to help the team will take the sports home Jeremy – Gilon Ben Before the base; the 4th battle of the World Competition, he made a goodbye to the homework in November, won the name of Mr. November; 2004 and red socks extending in December, he flying outside the world The ball rushed into the auditor’s seat; in 2011, he returned the first place from David Prab. It is also a homework in his hand, which is his career, the third business; his career final game, he is 9 The bureau has played a goodbye to play; the last sale, he can also play birds, and set career hit rates at 0.310.

Kitot, who was selected for 14 times, was to be able to get soft. In 1996, I got the best new show in the United States. 8 times in the most valuable player selection of the United States in the most valuable player selection of the second. He has scored more than 100 single season, and a total of 3465 is played with a total of 3465. He 5 times with the World Contest, 158 playoffs also created a column history record, more than 30 games than the second place. It is worth mentioning that the attack index of the Bith season reached 0.838, which is 21 points higher than the regular season.

In 2003, Biki Boss George Sistan was appointed as Yangji Captain, filling the vacancy in 1995, the old captain Tang – Martin’s retirement. In addition to contributing to the largest play in the history of the team, he also contributed to the number of teams in the history of the team. At his career, he also received a $ 266 million income from Yangji.

This time, the celebration of the famous Hall of House, Kutt became the 9th lifelong players of Yangji History, before, including the team, Ru Ru-Grig, Joe-Dimico, Mickey-Mantel, Whit-Ford and teammates Rivila. He is also a player of Yangji 28th entrance hall. Now Kit is the small boss of Miami macaro, responsible for the work of the team’s daily operations.

Walker was born in Maple Mountain, Canada. According to the data website data, Walker 72.7 wins’ career contribution value in all Canadian wild hands, in the Canadian player, second only to Fukki Jenkins. They are also only 2 Canadian players who are selected by baseball celebrities.

The Walker Career has effectively effective the Montreal Expo, Colorado Rival, and St. Louis Rock, represents Rockey to the most valuable players in 1997. That season he played the highest 49 strokes in his career, and 130 points and 0.720 long-winning rate; Walker, 1998 and 1999 won the King of the National United King; relying on excellent exercise ability and powerful arm Walker career 7 times to get a gold glove. The attacker index of professional career caves is as high as 0.965, and the top 15 of the league history.

After learning that Walker was selected, the Boss Dick Monford issued a statement: “I represented the entire Rally Mountain area, congratulations to the selected celebration. Lari dedicated 10 wonderful seasons for us, we also I am very fortunate to be part of his career. Congratulations on you, Larry. “

Walker, who is guarding the right, is 7 gold gloves.

Walker, who is guarding the right, is 7 gold gloves.

Other candidates who have not finalists, first pitcher Curt-Sherin’s 8th year’s ticket rate to 70%, distance threshold is 20 votes; Roger, Kleims and Bari, affected by banned drug scandal – Bonz’s ticket rate is slightly added, but it remains nearly 60%. Omar – Vittuil’s third year’s votes rose to 52.6%, Skot Rollen has also risen to 35.3%. Schlin’s career achievement is similar to Mike Mysina in 2019, but some speech outside his field will make some judges don’t want to give them a ticket.

Newcomers who are eligible to vote next year include Pitk Mark Bury, Tim Herdessia, and the field of field trapping – Hunter. The newcomer has a lower influence, and thus, such as Scholin, Bonz, Clemens and Vitzquier, Rongolun, and auxiliary Pitcher Billy-Wagner and Heavy Canffickle, Hardware, Hall, Hall, Hall.

2022 David – Ottitz and Alex Rodrigs two will first join the celebrity vote. Both people have been involved in the wind wave of banned drugs, when the media will have discussions.

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