Provincial Triple | 32 Strengthen Scenes! China Sports Lottery · 2021 Guangdong Province Three Basketball League Weekend Guangzhou Tower ignited the war

On November 20-21, the billing brand promotion activities and China Sports Lottery · 2021 Guangdong Sanba Basketball League 44 Structure held in Dongguan Dongcheng Sports Park.

This event city qualifier has attracted more than 1,100 participating teams, and the participating athletes are close to 5,200 people, including more than 2,400 finale events, including professional club members, member of the three-to-three national team, these teams And the scale can be described as a number of three-to-three games in the country.

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44 Structure Station Startup Ceremony


On the morning of November 20th, the billing brand promotion activities and China Sports lottery · 2021 Guangdong Trinity Basketball League 44 Structure Starting Ceremony held in Dongguan Dongcheng Sports Park.

Liu Kequan, Vice President of China Basketball Association, Liu Kejun, deputy director of the Guangdong Basketball Society, Deputy Director of Dongguan Cultural Radio, Television Tourism Sports Bureau, Vice President, Guangdong Basketball Association, Honorary President of Dongguan Basketball Association, Dilong Basketball Club Co., Ltd. Business Chen Jing, Guangdong Province, and Dongguan Sports Lottery Center Related Representatives, Dongguan Cultural Radio and Television Tourism Bureau Market Coali Xie Xiaowei, Dongguan Dongcheng Street Sports Management Service Center Zhang Xinhong, Bottled Joy TonTron Brand Director Guo Zhijie attended this Secondary launching ceremony.

The stars gathered intense against

After two days, there were four-day male, and 44 teams in the city pre-selection competition gathered in Dongguan Dongcheng Sports Park, and the 32-strong seat was intensely competed.Men and
women have a total of 132 fierce
, Finally, the number of teams won the number of teams and the fields, the men, women group 32 were born.

Shortly after the game, 4 pieces have already had a strong gunpowder.

This year’s participating team’s overall level has improved a lot, in addition to being well-familiar with this year’s Provincial League FMVPChen HangAnd there are people in Guangdong Provincial LeagueZeng Qinglong, Li Xiang, Gao Yu Feng, Xie Li, Li Tao, Yuan Jin Yao, Net Red Player Chen ZewenWaiting for the scene.

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On the women’s group, there are FIBA ??three-to-three-star preceding team members, provincial women’s basketball team MVPLiu Jin Dan, Former 2018 FIBA ??three-to-three U23 national team membersTang JieshanFormer Cuba southeast score is also a national refereeGaojingFormer WCBA playersWang Nan, CUBA women’s basketball MVPLi GayaTeammatesWu Qianqian,Net red player Chen XiaoxianWait. There is also a representativeGuangdong participates in the women’s team of the masses of the National Games, Collective team training. Girl’s battlefield, color value and strength one online.

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Career and non-professional field dialogue

More than non-professional well-known players participate, this competition also attracted two professional clubs to build a team.

Depend onGuangzhou Long Lion Basketball Club, Guangzhou Long Lion, Nanhai Dragon,Shenzhen New Century Basketball Club is built in Shenzhen Century ShenghangIn the case of this year’s competition.

It coincides with the three-to-three project positive values, and all the professional clubs are also preparing to build a competition, and practicing the training through this competition.

But even if there is a professional club, this does not mean that the non-professional player who participates in the competition will be lost.

Two of these occupations on non-professional teams, Shenzhen Century Karai 16:21 defeated Heyuan Huahang Electric Power; Guangzhou Dragon Lion 14:13 One point to win in Zhongshan PDA. In addition to the competition of losing wins, these two games also represent the contest between occupational and non-occupations.

The game attracted a lot of viewers, quite wonderful, every point of change, everything, this is the charm of three pairs of three projects.

No one will win, no one will lose,

It is also not possible to decide from the origin and experience.

Only the strength of the field is played, and the final score on the split is

Can order win.

Wonderful scenes on the field

The tension-stimulated events attracted many fans to visit the watch, in the event scene, many fans came to the field early, and cheered for the support of the team. Outside the inner field in the sports park, nearly 200 viewers are concerned. Due to the restrictions on the site and epidemic prevention work, there is no fans in admission, nearly 100,000 viewers in the “I am Basketball” App online!

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