Space man Breggman’s home run, hold the stick running bar, the total coach, Singqi three times to find his conversation

On October 31, Beijing time, MLB World Competition ushered in the seventh life and death, Houston Space People’s coach AJ-Chesi and the three bases Alex Bregman conversation three times, the reason is Brazz MAN will ran to the first base after playing the home run, https://www.mlbboutique2.comthis behavior is considered a vibrant provocation in the baseball field.

Schchi said that he talked to Brayman during the game, and after the game, he also criticized him on the court, and even after leaving the stadium.

The G6 of the World Contest is tense with the spaceman competition atmosphere. Bregman apologized to the public for his unsuspetent move.

Ssing said: “This is not the way we play the game, it is completely necessary on the court. Braggman is completely driven by passion, I like his game, but he holds a ball to run to the leader It is a bit no, he doesn’t have to do it at all. “

Personal social media is criticized by fans, and Bregman has learned the lesson. He hopes to perform re-winning fans with a good field.

Spaceman coach Schiqi said: “After the game is over late, I want to make sure Bregman is ready to look forward. I hope that this thing will not affect the 7th game of the most crucial world contest for the whole season.”

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