The NFL 2019 season schedule is baked in Braddy Manning or performs fate to decide

The current contrast arrangement began in 2002. Each team must carry out two sorts of the main guests with the three teams of them, a total of 6 games; at the same time they have to accept a four team from a partition of the Union (3 years a loop) and a cross-alliance The challenges of the four teams (4 years a cycle) have a total of 8 games; in addition, the corresponding ranking team with the other two partitions, a total of 2 games. Plus together constitutes a 16-game contrast situation. For example, the Patriots, they want to carry out 6 games with the Bill, Dolphins and Jets in the United States of America; at the same time they have turned into the United States and the United States and the National District, so they have to be crowded, steel people Brown, tiger, cowboy, eagle, red skin and giant; additional, because they are the name of the United States of America, so they have to fight with the Nameda Emirates and the Melanan District of Melanan Province. The arrangement such as the league is also hard, and each team’s 16 games have been divided into four other points, the first, second, third and fourth battles, which are guaranteed as possible. It has made the weak team in the previous year as much as possible in the new year, so as to balance the situation of the Alliance.

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