The patriot wins the parade staged a shot of the scene, Grono was bleed in the beer bottle.

Boston’s parade will always have some unhamined small episodes, this unlucky egg wheel arrived in the patriot team near the forever Luo Gronoski. The star near the end was smashed in the process of parade on Tuesday … or twice!

In order to celebrate the sixth time to win the super bowl, the Patriot team launched a grand parade in Boston, and the players took the paradise through the neighborhood and enjoyed the shout and cheers of the fans of the city. However, in the way of the parade, some people threw a beer bottle to the paradis, and this bottle is not biased, just smashed to the corner of the near-ended Gulithki!

Gronoski boarded the show “Tonight Show” on Wednesday, and accepted the interview with the host Jimmy-Farm. He said that the result after being smashed was a little bad until his eyes were bleeding. However, the fans can be relieved, except for the eye angle, this star is very good.

In addition, Grono is still in the face of the ball in the parade! It seems that he can only receive the ball of the preset line, for those sudden balls, this star player has to use his face; obviously, this is another ball failure …

Throwing things to the boom is not the first creation of this parade, and even the precedent of the beer bottle has passed in Boston. Just three months ago, the Baseball team Boston’s red socks won the champion of the MLB World Contest. They also launched a parade. This dealence also had a beer bottle to fly; and this receipt of the world contest award, Although several players can dedicate wonderful battles in the game, this time they did not protect the trophy, so that the trophy was smashed by the beer bottle! Although the post-trophy was repaired, Boston’s fans have left some bad impression on the world.

Of course, this bottle attack does not determine whether Gron will retire, this is just a small episode in a parade. Just if the Boston team won the championship, it is afraid that the team’s security measures must be more strengthened.

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