Xiaoshi from Brown has been a team that has set a contribution to join a competitor.

Odel Beckham wants to leave Cleveland Brown has become a truth, NFL also approves the contract restructuring of Beckham, which means that Beckham will enter the exemption in Beijing time on November 9th. But even if you enter the exempt, it is not anyone to sign the baby. If Beibei is not happy, it is definitely like him in Brown.

It is understood that Xiaobei revealed that Belle hopes to join a team that can compete in the playoffs, spend the rest of this season, he believes that he can help the team. It is also worth mentioning that the team to sign the Beckham must also eat him with a 7.25 million US dollars in this season. There are currently 9.25 million US wages left, which are American tiger, eagle, wild horses, hips, steel people, lightning, black panther, tiger and Washington football team.

If Beckham jumps out of the exemption, he becomes a completely free player and is eligible to sign any team. Bold prediction, there should be a lot of winning more than 50%, and the big team in the playoffs can extend olive branches to Beckham. It is reported that even the team has contacted Beckham and starting the benefits of the propaganda team to pull him. Signals also said that if Beibei jumped out of the exemption in Tuesday, it may sign a new team at some time this week.

Before the cause of leaving the team, Dating back to the deadline last Tuesday, his father shared a video in social media. Video shows that Brown Si Baikhek-Mefield races the ball to him in the case of Xiaobe. Then, in order to further expand the situation, in order to prevent Beckham to affect other people, Brown suspended the training. If Beckham wants to revenge in the east, then he can choose New England Patriots, and the patriot will focus on Arrange in the last ten weeks.

In the six games in this season, Brown only completed 17 codes and pushed 232 yards, not reached. Since the joining of the New York Giants in 2019, Beckham had only two games in 29 games. This three-session of the 3rd occupational bowl took over and completed 1035 yards in Brown in the first season, but reimbursed within the 2020 season. Brown ended the long playback, and the first playoffs winning in the first season of 26 years, but Xiahe missed the game.

In today’s Brown defeated the game, the team played unusually wonderful and excited, Mefield also wished the “future all smooth” after the game.