MLB – National Middle Two Champion Place Silver Drill 3-1 Victory Cabbear Partition Sealing King

On October 2nd, Beijing time, the 2018 season American Word Grand Union staged a regular match, the previous record of 95 wins and 67 losses, Chicago Bear and Milwaukee winemakers will determine the National Union Central District through the 163th game of the season. The champion is home.

Due to the better record, the bear won the advantage of the Rigley Stadium competition, but the winemaker has borrowed the 4th of the 4th of the 4th, and the eight, nine-two bodies of Joh Had. The perfect suppression of the wander, eventually defeated the bear with 3-1 score, the third partition of the team, and he became the best team in this season, and the entire home advantage before the World Competition.

[Data Highlight]

Rizzo made this spring guns is the only Cubs game's only score

Rizzo made this spring guns is the only Cubs game’s only score

Chicago Cubs:

This bears chose to let Jose-Kunata as a first-behaved pitcher, this season he has facing the winemaker first six games, winning 4 wins and 1 defeat, self-sharing rate 2.17 record. This field of Kunchana only cast 64 goals, after the 5th game was taken by the cowshed, leaving the data that was knocked at 6, and finally lost.

In terms of offensive, the bears discharged in the first striped line, but these big stars who played in the regular season have all matters, just 3 security outputs and eat 8 Senior, barely relying on the only Yangchun home base to earn 1 point, the light is indeed nothing to say.

Milwaukee Brewers:

The last moment of the winemaker until the last moment before the start of the game, was determined to be Jorris-Simin. He went to the four consecutive first hair of the bear before, and the points were only 1.59. Xie Xinzou has been replaced by 5.2 bureaus. It is replaced with only 75 goals. It is hit by the other person to play a piece of 1 point. In addition, the brewer’s cowshed also shows a good pressure, especially Josh Had in advance, and thoroughly pronounced the fate of the bear losing the ball, and won the battle for the team.

In terms of offensive, there are 12 security performances in this field, and the output is four times in each other. 6 three-vibrated numbers are slightly dominated, especially the number one star Cristian – Jeriqi, he has 3 安 安 和1 The contribution of the points, so that the hits in the regular season rose to 0.326, becoming the first person in the history of winemaking.

[Competition process]

1 Jushang Ban, Brewers the lead in the attack, the latter out, Christian – Ye Liqi play hits on the base, but the next stick of left fielder Ryan – Braun’s double play so they both play out; 1 Bureau the second half, the Cubs beat the first three lines of the three-bar came three times, the two sides to maintain the 0-0 deadlock.

2 Jushang Ban, Brewers seats on the first play of Jesus – in the outfield direction Aguilar strong play grounder to first base and on, but behind all three batters fly ball outs; 2 innings the second half, the Cubs third baseman Chris – Bryant walked to the first election of the audience, but left fielder Kyle hit the next bar – Shu Wabo also hit a double play to play, the Cubs caught by the other side after two outs and the end of the half innings.

Ye Liqi knock out hits for the team opened the score account

Ye Liqi knock out hits for the team opened the score account

3 Jushang Ban, Brewers shortstop Orlando from the outset – Asea play hits on the base, two batters later, though they are ground ball outs, but also help Asea forward two Lei Bao, the three stations base. Order to fight another reincarnation Christian – Yeli Qi, the National League Most Valuable Player hot candidate at the moment reflects their value, the second shot hits individuals in this field, assists Asea easily return to home base. Subsequently, Ye Liqi another occasion Pirates second baseman performance, but behind teammate pitcher was struck. 3 innings in the second half, the other did not hit performance, leading the Brewers to a 1-0 end of this Council.

4th inning, both sides are three-up three times, did not change the score.

5 Jushang Ban, Orlando Brewers – Asea has an output hits; 5 half innings, bear a baseman Anthony – Rizzo grab a note pitching partial inner corner seam 92 miles four-speed ball, the pull out of the court right field, which made solo home run to help the team 把比分扳平 1-1, the two sides back to the same starting line.

6 Jushang Ban, but also a Christian – Ye Liqi of his third hits the Brewers realized on base again, but Jesus – Aguilar played a double play in the side after a hit out, did not make Ye Liqi continued.

6 innings in the second half, the Cubs catcher Wilson – Conte Arenas at someone on the first base situation back to each other out of a double play to play, the Cubs two outs. After that, Daniel – Murphy and Ben – ended Ba Aizi strike out at this point the team was the first time someone turns the situation, did not bear the same score – Zobrist has achieved through on-base hits and walks, but shortstop Javier Council.

7th inning, the two sides is 3 over 3, the score remained at 1-1 draw.

Lorenzo - after Kane shot hits shouting celebration

Lorenzo – after Kane shot hits shouting celebration

8 Jushang Ban, Brewers hits off offensive, in one fell swoop. Orlando by the Council – initiated Asea hitter, pinch after playing Domingo – Santana base hit to make the realization of a square, third base and no outs was the situation. Wire pioneer Lorenzo – Kane did not waste good situation at this time, hits a note back to the runner on third base, but also take Santana stood on third base. After one out, turn left fielder Ryan – Braun hit, he also hits assists oriented team and then the next minute, Brewers achieve a base, third base was the third time the situation in the Council, but unfortunately cloth Lawn after Pirates second baseman fail killed out, but Aguilar’s fly ball is also grounded out, the Brewers did not expand the score, 3-1 end of this half innings.

8 innings in the second half, because the Brewers lead, put Terminator ahead of Josh – Bernhard play closed after facing each other three times a rod section batters, three directly into the ninth inning on three times.

9 Jushang Ban, the Brewers still have the opportunity to expand the score, Mike – Sita Castro and Orlando – have Asea output hits, but only one’s own attack died down to advance to second base.

Josh - Bernhard today's fastest ball came to 98 miles, he quickly solve the Cubs hitters

Josh – Bernhard today’s fastest ball came to 98 miles, he quickly solve the Cubs hitters

The second half of the ninth inning, the Cubs last chance to counterattack, a line order again turn the first leg, but in the face Josh – Bernhard, the former Cubs hitters several stars but there is no way, although Javier – Ba Aizi There was barely a base hit to resist, but the first four bars of the other three were blocked Bernhard, bear no choice but to score the final 1-3 defeat, had to work overtime play a wild card life and death battle.

[Two sides starting]

Chicago Cubs:

First leg: second baseman Daniel – Murphy

The second bar: right fielder present – Zobrist

The third bar: shortstop Javier – Ba Aizi

Shawn: First baseman Anthony – Rizzo

Fifth stick: Third baseman Chris – Bryant

Sixth stick: left fielder Kyle – Shu Wabo

Seventh stick: center fielder Jason – Hayward

Eighth bar: pitcher Jose – Quintana

The ninth bar: Wilson catcher – Conte Contreras

Milwaukee Brewers:

The first bar: center fielder Lorenzo – Kane

Second leg: right fielder Christian – Ye Liqi

The third bar: left fielder Ryan – Braun

Shawn: first baseman Jesus – Aguilar

Fifth stick: second baseman Jonathan – Si Kupu

Sixth stick: Third baseman Mike – Sita Cass

Seventh stick: catcher Eric – Kela Zi

Eighth bar: shortstop Orlando – Asea

The ninth bar: Pitcher Qiaoli Si – Chea

[Next prospect]

After the field to win, the Brewers for a pleasant return to Milwaukee, get a few days rest and also take time to adjust, then Beijing will be held at Miller Park to start their own National League October 5 Division Series opener, the opponent will be the winner of the wild card battle between the Cubs and Colorado Rockies.

The Cubs lost the ball going a little hard, continue tomorrow also lost the division title against the wild card in the championship play-off opponents Rocky Wrigley in their own stadium, but in contrast to the past two days in a row was removed in Denver, Los Angeles until Rocky Chicago, the Cubs seemed
quite lucky and possession of a party so little advantage.