Sailor and Suzuki signed a small alliance contract 45-year-old Japanese baseball

The defending the sailor team sent a trump, Zuo Put, James Parxon, all-star second base Robinson-Kano, Terminator Edwen Diaz, etc., the team rebuild is still undoubted, distanceThe last time I entered the playofty has passed
in 17 years, and the team of Suzuki is a ranked 116 win in the 2001 season.Di Poto said that Suzuki, who said that Suzuki was heard by the most diligent player. He prepared to the competition and seriousness, and his experience and professional attitude would be a valuable wealth of the sailor team.The 45-year-old Suzuki returned to the stadium itself is a miracle. The efforts of his play are all obvious, the sailors in the reconstruction period have undoubtedly need such a quarter-famous player to lead.

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