The World of Alliances, the world’s best capture Rhero, the world: strong body quality + top sports talent

After the rumor of the boiling, Rymutu (J. REALMUTO) has come to a crucial time node. According to reports, the Cincinnati Red Man and Miami Madolin Fish have achieved a certain degree of consensus on the trading of Rielmo, representing the days of this all-star catcher to Cincinnati may come.

Although this transaction seems to wait until the end of the world, Marlin fish wants to get the most, the best, the most valuable trading package is the public. Whether it is ultimately a red man, Atlanta Warriors, San Dowa, Los Angeles Daoqi, or other half-way bite, they will not only get this talented twenty-seven-year-old player to upgrade their catcher. Location, they will also get one of the players in one of the best quality in the entire baseball world.

Many big alliance players are a presence athlete in high school, but Ryormo’s sports days in Karr-Abbert High School in Oklahoma, let others look like it, and even say that it is a city legend. NS. At the baseball team, he hit 88 security and 119 points in the forty-two games in 2010, and the two records have been hanging on the national list. The 28 strokes hit during the period, and it is also ranked third in the national list.

What is even more convinced is that the location of Rymo in the baseball field is not a catcher, but the highest guerrillas in the wild! Implementing the whole high school career, Ryormo
is in a guerrilla zone, what does it mean? It means that when he chose him at the Dai Shi Conference of Marlic Dish in 2010, he barely passed through the catcher. However, a team of scouts asked if he had a wish to try to see the catch, he agreed, and there would be no more to say anything left.

The brilliant records on the baseball field seem to be not enough to show that Ruiormona and the distinctive talents, he is also the star quarter of the Carl-Abbert High School American Football Team. He led the American football team to gain a full-length champion and won the other two in the baseball field. He also plaques in the third kind of sports, and this movement is almost not found to find any big alliance players. What kind of sports? wrestling! Roth (Gary Rose), Gary Rose, said that it is “the most energyful, comprehensive multi-student athlete” in the 41-year career, “this is how high!

Wait, do I mention Ryimo play basketball? He also played in the basketball team, although it was just random, but his strong body and excellent talent usually let the coach assign him to defensive the highest players. One year, after the basketball team participated in the Intercontinental Competition, it returned to the baseball field, and then the two home hits were hit.

Marlin fish is very clear that they have got a special player through the draft. What makes Malin fish is gratified, he successfully converts powerful physical fitness into top baseball skills, which is still a great challenge in he to overcome physical fitness – the highest hall of the baseball is a daily first arrest. His initial strike data can fully display the high mobility of Rymoto, but through the advanced analysis of the Statcast system, we can see the people of Rielmo.

Rymo sprint speed – 28.6 feet per second – is obviously the fastest in many cappips, and only a few speeds in the cracked peers can surpass all the members of the Alliance average 27 feet / sec. The speed of Rielo is ranked 83rd in all players, and it may not be very prominent, but please take a look at the other speed is also 28.6 feet per second: Starling Marte, Cairn Cain. , Tommy Pham, and others. The speed of Riel Tour may not react on his pirate number, but he is the only one in the Alliance will be higher than the average cracker in the speed of the scout report.

Since 2014, after Rui Om Tottang, there is no arrest to hit the 16th PTR in Bi Rui OMOT, but only the 2015 he ran 7 three bases.

The speed of the base is just one of the rises of Ryormo strong body, his blocking speed – is the time to take the ball from the glove and pass to the second base to grasp the pirate runner – another aspect Reflection. The average speed of Rwuimo is 1.90 seconds, which is also the top data in the capture. Although the speed of the blocker does not necessarily represent the chapter blocking rate, the 38.2% blocking rate of Rheier Tour is still ranked sixth place in the Alliance. For a person who has begun to be arrested after a team, This is really amazing.

It seems that Rymo can easily competent any of the positions on the court, even in other sports, even in other areas. While brushing a record on the court, his achievements in high school are also the best score of 4.0GPa. Here, I have to thank the Malin’s scout. If he is not his original sentence, we can’t see this talented player shines on the base of the physical fitness on the baseball field. Even if the final Rymo is traded, he will definitely harvest a lot of fans who look forward to his wonderful performance in the new team.