Andy Dalton returned to the first victory of the tiger to avoid the full defeat season

December 2 (Wen / ESPN BEN BABY Compilation / White) Cincinnati Matulators quartz Wei Di – Dalton and the first grade head coach Zach-Taylor hugged each other, took the shoulder, Dalton’s final Judging a game again. Return to the first Dalton led the army 22-6 to defeat the New York jet to win the first victory next season, returned to the locker room after the game, Dalton will give the game to Taylor, the whole team is laughing and laughing. .

Before today’s game, the Tiger Team was the only team that did not win without winning, and it is very likely that the third team encountered a three-winning team in history. But they avoid this shame record in the 13th week, and the head coach Taylor won the first victory. After the game, Taylor said that it is difficult to use language: “This is too touched. I have experienced with these players. After thousands of hard work, I feel very special.”

Before the start of the competition, the Tiger team encountered the team’s history worst season. Continuously lost 11 games, surpassing the record of the 15th game of the 1993 season. If you count last season, the Tiger has suffered 13 links, which is also a team record. This week, the jet, the tiger team met the main quartz Wei Andy – Dalton. He re-returned to the starting lineup after sitting on three cold beches under the field. Last Monday 10-16 does not hit the Pittsburgh steel man, Taylor said that he still had to enable Dalton again, because this old future for the team will be the biggest hope of the team’s winning.

Dalton is one of the best four-point guards of the Tiger Team. It has maintained a number of team history records today. Today, he also won an important new record. He pushed 243 yards in the 37-pass 22 in the game, and sent a reed. In the first quarter of the game, Dalton 17 yard passed the game, Tyler Boyd won the arrival, this is the 196th time of his career, with this remember, Dalton Beyond Ken Anderson, became the player of the Tiger team’s pass to the number of people.

Dalton said after the game, he believes that the team’s preparation for this week is a good job in the entire season. With the first season in the season, the whole team is loose, and the Tiger team finally has the opportunity to realize yourself in NFL. “Trying to have a return, we got the first victory in the season, this is the first victory of Zach career, all of which let us grow up.” Dalton said.

At the same time, this game has ended the three consecutive wins of the jet, and the 4-win-8 negative jet has set another embarrassment record. According to data statistics, the jet has become the first team of 0 wins and 7-negative open bureaus (or even worse record) team in the single season. They lost to Miami dolphins in the ninth week, let the 7-game losing dolphins get the first victory in the season, and lost to the tiger this week to help the Tiger end 11 losers to get the first victory.

The jet offense is no temper, but in fact, the striker defensive data is almost row in countdown. The entire game, the jet only promoted 271 yards, and the Tiger team killed Sam Dolnod four times, and the defending end of Carlos Dunlap completed three times. Darnod 48 passed 28, transfer 239 yards.

Despite winning, the Tiger team is still leading in the race of the battle. Today, today’s dolphins and Washington will win the ball at the same time, and the Tiger is still a winner of the New York Giants. But these things don’t care now, according to the ankle injury is missing a year of external connections A.j. Green said, the dressing room “锣 鼓 天 红 旗 招 招 招”, such a scene has never seen it.

“When I first started, we have been used to winning.” Green said: “But at that time, at that time, it was considered that victory was justified. Only have experienced this bad season, only know that today’s victory is How much precious. “

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