Can the reddock winning the four Union championships true?

With Manny Macha, the Boston Red Socks defeated the Los Angeles Taoist team with a total score of 4-1 won the 2018 MLB American Baseball Union World Competition. This makes the city of Boston once again caught the carnival. With the winner of the Red Socks, many fans include some sports reporters to think, Boston is expected to achieve the four major alliance champions.

As an important city in the East Coast of the United States, Boston gives more impressions that they have many well-known learning. Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology is an important logo of this city, but for the US sports fan, the meaning of this city is a team of Shuo. In the United States, the Four Sports Union (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL), Boston’s team has the ability to compete for the champion; the reddock team won the 37th champion of the city of Boston, this arrogant The record makes the number of Boston’s championships to fight against New York.

As the old brand of MLB, the reddock team is hot this season. JD-Martinnes is injecting the firepower for the team, Muki-Bates ushered in a big outbreak, and the champion can be said that this is reasonable, but this The champion also allowed the fans of red socks waiting for five years. After they started the head gun of Boston, Boston’s fans naturally aimed at the super bowl of February next year.

As a highly unsained high in NFL, the New England Patriots team is a superb bowl of frequent visits. Taking the teacher Bill Bilchk and the four-point guardian team won the super bowl in 20 years in 20 years, and the years have left some traces in Bradi’s face. It seems that he has more refined his play skills, the more the more demon. The Patriot team entered a super bowl 4 times in the past seven years, and only one step away from the super bowl 3 times. That is, before the season, the Patriot team may book a super bowl of tickets.

The seven rounds of competition this season, the Patriot team 5 wins and 2 losses alone in the United States Liandong District, and the Meeting of the United States is only losing to their Emirates. Taking into account the major shortboard of the Airate team’s defensive group, numerous fans believe that the Patriot team is still a powerful candidate for superbals. It is worth mentioning that the two sides of the World Competition are Boston Red Socks and Los Angeles Daoqi; if the patriot can smooth into the super bowl, they are probably the opponent in the game is likely to be a Los Angeles ram. By then, the fans in Boston and Los Angeles are likely to usher in the two battle in their city.

For the city of Boston, the city is not a red hose or patriot. The “Green Shirt Army” Boston Celtic team from NBA has been built for several years, and finally set up a set of “three giants + strong newcomers.” “Fantasy lineup. Kaili-Owen, Gordon-Hayward and Er-Hufford are giant characters in the alliance, Tamum, Rozil and Jay Brown proved that they can be able to Bringing vitality for the team. More importantly, they have a bitterness of their years, and the eastern team has been the hardships of Brand, James, finally left the east. If you can win the contest of Toronto Raptors, then the Celtic team hit the finals is what the hand is holding. Although their great opportunity will encounter the Alliance’s “Cosmic Team” Golden State Warrior, the finals is a series of series who can win 4 games first, and the Celtics is not a chance.

Hey, don’t forget the brown bear! Since 1929, the Boston Brown Bear has got six times in the city of Boston, and the number of wins the chaowle of the Patriots team. The brown bear history 25 times in the history of the partition, 4 times to get the Eastern District Champion. And in 2011, they went to 2011. In the few years, they have maintained a certain competitiveness. In the 2016-2017 season, they got the third place in the Atlantic section, and the first round of the playoffs lost to the Ottawa Senate team; 2017-2018 season, they got the second place in the Atlantic partition, and the playoffs will be transferred to Tampa Bay team. It can be said that they have been able to maintain the impact on the Stanley Cup. This season’s brown bear is currently in the fourth place in the Atlantic partition, and the impact playoff is also a great hope. If the patriot can hold a cup of super bowls after the reddings, I believe that there is no small incentive for the same city team Boston Brown bear. effect.

Let us return the time to 2007-2008, 2007 red socks first raised asked Ding World contest, 07-08 Season The first generation of the three giants of the Celtics first generation three giants set with the Lakers Legion, 2008, the 2008 patriot team perfect season The New York Giants burst the super bowl. I believe that the current Boston fans are firm, 2018-2019, they will be further more than eleven years ago.

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