Elite quartz guard against Narogers laughing to the last package 37-30 guest victory

Beijing time 8:00 on September 28, 2020, New Orleans Saints in Green Bay packaging work. Saint Sheng has lost to the Las Vegas raid on Monday night, it will be held again on Sunday. However, the two weeks of competitions allow the audience to keep the state of Dru Bris, and there is no oil in the fuel tank of the history of the history. Obviously, today’s packaging workers are better teams in both ends of the attack, although the Saint’s running guard Alvin Magara played super god, the saints were still unable to return. Saints are not enemy packages in 30-37.

Wonderful review:

After the first quarter of the game, the packageman took the lead in being in the red area of ??the Saint, and the Saint’s defensive group made a power to hold the offense of the package. Playing the ball Kross is a 52 yard from the mortus in the packaging mission, gains lead, 3-0.

After the Saint Offensions Group re-appeared, in the absence of McMas absent, the number one running guard Alvin-Kamara is naturally a banner of the Saint-attack.

5 minutes in the first quarter, Kamala received the quarter from the short pass of Bryi, ran into the package of the package, and got up to 3-7. The second section has just begun, the packageman kicked and opened a football, close to the score, 6-7. The package worker’s decision outside the exterior of Allen-Lazad and the packaging worker quartz 阿 阿 杰斯 completes 48 yield long-wire connecting, directly to the red area of ??the Saint.

After the second quarter started 5 minutes, Allen Razad received the short pass of Rogers, and obtained the first Dali, 13-7. 4 minutes before the end of the half, the saints played the ball Wil-Luz, and 45 yards were got 3, 13-10. Saint’s offensive fire continues, 6 seconds before the end of the half, Bristol gave the outside Emir Sanders, 13-17.

After the beginning of the second half, the two teams continue to expand mutual attack mode. First, the packaging worker’s external hand of Zarad continues and Rogers complete the 72 yards of the long-circled connection, and the package is standing again in the red area of ??the Saint. After 2 minutes in the second half, the first half of the package worked hard to fight Alon – Jones hit the ball and ran into the end of the saints, 20-17. After the third quarter of the competition, the saints played in one foot and chase three points, 20-20.

Then Rogers took the team’s offensive group to debut, close-end Maundes – Levis easily received the passage of Rogers before the end of the third quarter, and directly helped the packaging work to achieve the Davity, 27-20. It is not weak at the saints, especially if you run the Kamara, taking a self-contained defensive group.

At 33 seconds left in the third quarter, Kamara broke through the bag of anti-run front line. Subsequently under the cover of the teammates, the mad 52 yard directly rushed into the end of the package, directly 7 points, 27-27. After 6 minutes of the competition, the packageman kicked a foot 49 yang, leading the Saint 3, 30-27.

Before the two minutes of official suspension, Rogers passed to the near-end Arm Robert, Tang Ya, got up to the Dynasty, and went to 2 ball rights, killing the game, 37-27. 35 seconds prior to the end of the game, the saints were recovered in a 3rd point, 37-30. Then the gambling kick failed, and the second failure of this season was closed.

Team prospect:

After the packaging workers changed to the national contest, although they did not advance in the super bowl, although they did not advance in the super bowl, this season still has a lot of opportunities to make persistent efforts. However, in this year’s draft, the first-round package of the first round did not choose the outer hand of Rogers. Instead, he chose a quarter-saving, it is obviously that Rogers have been old, to prepare for the future.

After the first three battles, Rogess proved that he is not old, 3 wins and 0 losses the opening of the future, and another 3 wins and 0 losses of the same district look only a paper tiger.

Saints were prepared to take a super bowl before Dru-Bris retired, and it is a pity that you can see that Bris’s level is true since the game is not enemy attack. A cliff fell appeared. This game is not a super-god of Kamara, and I have been packed by packaging.

It can be said that the same district opponent Tampawan pirates are ready to replace them this year to take the head name of the Dabin South District. Saints want to be able to entertain in the playoffs, in addition to waiting outside Michael Thomas returns, Bris is still to retrieve him once.

Player data

Packaging workers Si Alon-Rogers 36 pass 29, 288 yards, 3 times. Run Dowe Alon – Jones 16th running ball 69 yards, 1 time reached. External hand Allen Zagrad 6 times, 146 yards, 1 time reached.

Saint Si Du Dru-Bris 42 passed in 30, 275 yards, 1 case. Run Werata Vavis – Murray 12 shots, 58 yards. Estabard Alvin – Kamara 13 times, 139 yards, 2 times.