First game in 2019! Fairs blocking red team walked career second no play game

As the capture Fahley blocked the last curve that fell to the ground, let the Sudenio Suarez, the Sudenio Suarez, and only see the home of the Auckland sportsman players like a tide. Out of the lounge – Mike Fiers is done! He completed the first no-safe play competition in the Great League!

After experiencing the worst passenger tournament in recent years, the players returning to the home, need a little stimulus to sweep the haze, and there is nothing more than a no-safe game to make the team boost morale.

Although his spherical is not outstanding, just a fast ball of 90 miles, France does not say that it can be able to spend a three-oscillator, just like it is only 6 times today, but for tonight For the red team, France is like an unpublished topic, making them no more.

With the 2-0 competition tonight, Fairs became the 35th in the history of the Great Pilot.

This game is the 13th place in the history of the Auckland’s sports team. of.

First, the Ploaf, this competition is the second base, when he is in the sixth game, flying in the Right Foreign Herberry and the inner junction, killing the Kyle Farmer’s small flying ball, let the innocent game Can continue. This is likely to be the best defensive performance in the whole game – if there is no one after the next Lauren’s surprises.

In the face of the most valuable players in the Former Country, it is also the red team’s play star. The little white ball is to go out, I saw a green jersey, if the body of a green jersey is in general, it is hard to raise the little white ball from the whole, and went back!

Since the promotion of the big alliance, he has been known for its strong arm, and Lauren’s design is also great, and this goal has successfully defended the hope of Fairs’s innocent game, let him continue Challenge records, it can be described as a great hero of this game.

Faires founded 131 goals in the game, and 2 guarantees and 6 tri-zitudes were performed. Although the number of three vibrations is not much, the most important time is the final in the game, with a very perfect curved ball, Sudies. It is worth mentioning that the number of spins in this game is his second year since 2015.

So which game is the first game? Yes, on August 21, 2015 in Houston, it was his first innocent game. At that time, he worked in a spaceless jersey, let the visit of the Los Angeles Daoqi team lineless and returned, use 134 The first no-safe game of the ball.

In fact, if the fans and experts predict which pitcher in the first non-unafe game this season, I am afraid that it is a Trevor Bauer in the predictive list. Bleke Snell, the three Sai Yang Awards, Max Scherzer, Clayton Kershaw, or Glasno (Tyler) (Tyler) Glasnow), Castillo et al, French

Maybe someone still doesn’t know who this is. In front of the game, he accumulated this season 6.81’s self-blade and 1.49 of each game, and he couldn’t see that he would be the first in the season, but in this game because of the lightning alert In the game that has been launched for a long time, he did
it, so that every minute before the game is worthwhile.

Faires’ excellent performance, let him have a self-container, but not to say his teammates. On April 21, last year, I was in the home of the Boston Red Sox, and the sports team is currently increasing the rumor, the Sen Manaea, who is ahead of the latter.

The second non-moon game in this career also allowed Fa 11 joined a very glorious list, that is, the active player has been invested in two unable to play. Before the French, the three Sai Yang Awards Xie Zer, the 2011 Golden Award and the most https://www.b2bshopp.comvaluable player doubled winner, and the Houston Spaceman “Tiger King” Wrand ( Justin Verlander, 2015 National Union Ceremony Award winner, the Philadelphia team’s Arrieta, and the former red team Belley. Now, Faier has joined their ranks.

This Auckland night is Faire, and he also gave the sports team currently temporarily hit the morale in the foundation of the US League West District, so that they can have better performance in the next game. After all, the no-safe game can be not every day, right?

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