Gelron is resolved that the identity will return to the Foxburg patriot boss, indicating that the door will always open for you.

October 11 (Wen / Mike Reiss Compilation / White) Legendary Cloud Rob – Gron Gronkowski will return NFL to NFL in Fox Sports Rugby.

Before the New England Patriots, the Patriot Board Robert Kraft (Robert Kraft) mentioned this kid in an interview, and the content is also very exciting – the patriot’s door will always open for you.

Krafte said: “We all love Gron, but I have to disclose it here, but he hasn’t given me a retired document yet.” Gronoski has said more than once, and the small days after retirement is very comfortable, After Fox Sports is a football explanation, Geron said in the statement that he is very happy to open a new stage of life with the commentator. But Clavite also said in the show: “We can pray and look forward to it.”

After the new England patriots were valid for 9 seasons, Geron announced its retirement in March this year. Since then, his body has been thinned for about 20 pounds and cooperates with a company that fights “brain shock” and protection players. Although many times face the media to accept interviews, it seems that the possibility of repeating is not large.

In an interview in September, Gron said that if the enthusiasm of the fans is still rushing, then he will reconsider whether to return: “About retiring, like I suddenly know that I need to bid farewell to the game for a while, the willingness is extremely strong, I think it is time, that’s it. I really have that kind of feeling, I will follow it, this is my character – I feel it. I have been in my own experience, but I chose another One way, it can often be willing to violate. After I understand, I have to feel it. “

If Groner wants to come out, the patriot will definitely open your arms. Since the team, the patriot has been working hard to fill the vacancy in the near-end front. At present, the team’s proximal edue-Izuzuo three people add up to complete 8 battles.

Gel Lung said that he may have a match on his body, but it is no longer possible. Gronard did not say that he wanted to return signs, Clavite’s remarks would only cause more speculation. As for the future, Gellon is still to listen to the most authentic sound of their inner.

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