Knight 26 points big win! Lefu 6 three points, 22 minutes, new high Lorery 9

On December 2, Beijing time, NBA regular season Heat was hurt by the knight, Butler and Adeba. Heat was pressed by the knight, and the first day behind the first step
is 17 minutes behind, and the thermal stubborn strokes were collimated to narrow the gap. Laofu continuous team and the opening of the branch inside and outside the team, and the opening of the 27-point advantage in the end of the day, the final 85-111 lost the knight, suffered 2 losers, the knight gains 3 games.

Data statistics

Heat: Lori 9 in 2 get 7 points 4 rebounds 4 assists, Hiro 21 points 6 assists, Dademont 11 points 13 rebounds, Strus 10 points, 11 points, Martin 11 points, Martin 11 points.

Knight: Lefu 6 records three points 22 points 6 rebounds 3 assists 2 steals 1 cap, Allen 19 points 11 rebounds 5 cover, Moble 17 points 11 rebounds 4 assists 4 caps, Okaro 10 points, Garland 16 points 7 assists, Steven 12 points.

At this star

Le Fu mad 6 recorded three-year-old broke out, borrowing 22 points 6 rebounds 3 assists 2 steals 1 cover, of which three creative seasonings are high, the score will be a new season, lead the knight to win the heat.

Highlight lens

Garland ultra-long press whistle three points.

Lefu 6 records a new high season.

Game review

This fever lacks Badler, Adebay, Oladi and Daolis, Hiro ushered in return, the knight lacks Sekston, Wade and Osman. The first time, two teams, 3-3 flat, Dai Demun single arm, Dadan three-pointer, Allen’s big hat Dademont and the air buckle. Dave Monalline hits a ball, Okaro a dragon basket, Hiro three points chasing 10-10 flat. The Knight has been in a consecutive three-year-old and one record, a wave of 14-0 offensive opened the score, Lori Zhongzhong broke the heat and scratch, Alan storm 2 + 1 and the big hat Davemene. Okulo got a 17-point advantage, in Vincent’s basket, Lori eat T, Rubio tried two mids, Dadmon’s basket, the first quarter of the knight 31-16 leads the heat. The first heat fire 25 is 7, of which 3 is 1, the knight 17, in which the three is 11 in 5.

The Second Festival, Vincent and Lefu tried three points, the two teams have 2 points, and Strus triple is 5 points to the next basket. Knight returned a wave 8-4 offensive to maintain two advantages, Hiro Zhongtou and Strus Rod anti-basket to stop the knight, Garland and Strus attack three points, Lefu three points and two penalties Full-center connection 5 points, Allen two punishments, knights, one wave 7-1 offensive to pull the score. Hiro and Lefu were three-point, Ailannen eating cake and the transistive basket, the first half of the knight 61-43 leading the heat. The first two knights scored
a double, Lefu three points 6 in 5 alone 17 + 4 + 3, the heat 2 people scored double, Hiro 15 points 5 assists and Lori 6 1 only 2 points.

Easy to fight again, Mobleli rate first, the first three points have achieved 21 points, Lori layup and Dademont three points, Tuck also hits three points, and the heat is a wave of 8-0 offensive to stop the knight. After returning to the competition, Mobleli is in the middle, Tak and Mobil are three points for attack, and Luo Rui will chase 5 points in the three points. The knight continuously broke the ball to play a wave of 10-1 offensive and expanded 19 points leader, Martin three-pointed, Mobleli two penalties all-round and 2 + 1 connected 5 points, Goland super-pressure whistle three points, three sections ended Knight 87-63 leads the heat. The first three knights scored a double, Lefu 19 points, Allen 13 + 10 + 4 caps, Heat only 2 people scored double, Hiro 17 points, Lori 9 in 2 get 7 points.

The knight entered the fourth game with 24 points advantages. The last year of Lefordel hit a 6th point of the person, the knight has achieved a huge advantage of 27 points. Although the heat is then chased, the knight continues to suppress the heat of 20+ leadership, the game has lost the winning and negative suspense to enter the junk time, and the final knight is relaxed.

Both parties

Heat: Lori, Hero, Dunlo, Tak, Dademont

Knight: Garran, Okaro, Malcanin, Mobley, Allen