MLB genius teenager Harper wants to go to the mouth? The broker is crazy as a 400 million contract

American Ruple Big Alliance (MLB) Number The number one popular free player genius field hand Blade-Harper’s ultimate belongs have always touched the heart of fans. A few days ago, he shows that he is interested in signing the Los Angeles Dodge.

On the 25th, the official website of the official website MLB uploaded to their own social network account instagram name “Dao Qi is the favorite team?” The post, Harbor is surely bit a little bit. On the same day, “Yahoo Sports” released this: “Harper clearly said that he wants to play in Dodge.”

The Los Angeles Taoist team passed the field to the Fang Piger and Camp on the 22nd. It is reported that two high salary players are sent out to signed the genius bust-Harper for the clearance space. Sport gambling website Oddsshark also throws which team will introduce Harper’s mouth, it is worth noting that the Los Angeles Taoist team introduced the lowest odds. In general, the lower the odds, it means that the higher the possibility of occurrence.

Harper hosted the home base game in MLB All-Star Tournament held in Washington this year.

Harper hosted the home base game in MLB All-Star Tournament held in Washington this year.

The genius juvenile Harper has unparalleled physical fitness, which not only has super long playing ability, but also a superstar level. Harper took away the Washington National Team held by the MLB draft of 2010. At that time, Harper received a historic newcomer signing of $ 9.9 million. In the seven seasons of Washington, Harper has been selected by the MLB All-Star Team, called the media, the head of MLB’s head of the world.

Harper's more than 1 offense index is known as rare for decades.

Harper’s more than 1 offense index is known as rare for decades.

After the MVP new Show contract, it was not a vague, and Harper had just refused the Washington National Team for 10 years of $ 300 million in qualification quotes. It also passes the head will sign over $ 300 million than a large longness of over-large lengths through the broker. So far, only $ 325 million in the MLB contract with more than $ 300 million in New York Janji Team Jan Carlo Stanton is $ 320.25 million. Harper’s broker Scott – Bolas is a well-known sports broker, and Sophisticated Polas has also hoakers from MLB in all year rounds and MLB. At present, Polas shouted Haper. Become a total of $ 400 million in Mr. MLB history.

For the Los Angeles Taoist, Harper’s more than $ 30 million annual salary will become the biggest stumbling block of other players in the team. Dodgeball team plans to pay a luxury tax before 2022. From the current national player salary level, 2019 The total annual salary is $ 186 million, which is less than $ 206 million in the 2019 luxury tax standard. If Harper, Harper means that the annual salary will definitely exceed the luxury tax standard.

Since 2014, Andrew Friedman has been in the general manager of Los Angeles Daoqi, there is no more than 100 million US dollars in the Dodge team. The team’s ace pitcher Cleton Kox is just a contract for a $ 93 million in high-year salary. On the issue of tagging, Friedman has always been cautious.

There are MLB reporters to analyze, considering the thread of the current team, Dodge may be hesitated to the introduction of the left. “Today, the US” reported on the 24th, “Daoqi team did not rule out the possibility of introducing Harper. However, due to the left top of the team, the introduction of a strong striker is the urgency. Dodge team is currently transferred in the transfer market Looking for cathers and seconders. “

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