NBA Evening News: Zhan Huang fake positive is very strange, Randel said two weeks two weeks, the Rocket Thas is favored

Like NBA friends, everyone! The Alliance has arranged 5 games today, and the specific results are shown below. Bark defective, the sun 7 people won the paid Messen for 18 consecutive victories; Cousin did not play the back of the back, the letters of the commemoration, and the squad was defeated by the dragon 8 consecutive victories. The Thunder created the Grizzlies A number of records, Grizzlies got 152 points of great victory 73 points to board the hot search, fans: Thunder faces don’t. The competition is very exciting, but the hot news of the field is also worthy of attention:

1. Grizzlies New Xiu Sandi-Aldama accounts up to +52, the creation of the creation. This game is 28 minutes from the Alda, and 18 points, 8 points, 10 rebounds.

2, Monttiel Talking on the past 2 games for 41 minutes: I have to solve this problem. Both the game and the last pair of Warriors, Brides were arrested for 41 minutes, and Monttti said that I have to solve this problem.

3. Reporter: Before and LeBron, the other party felt that the situation was very strange. The previous news was that James was infected with a new crown for 10 days, but James did eight times of testing from Sacrameno to Los Angeles, and the official said James was previously false positives. This is too incredible, the first false positive appears on the facade of the league?

The Lakers defeated the king in the absence of James, but if the Lake lost? The Lakers have any potentials this season because of the loss of this game, can’t go to the playoffs during the card? What should I do if I do?

4, Randel: Let us get the first in the east within 2 weeks in 2 weeks. Randel performance is excellent, 21 shots, 12 rebounds, 6 assists 2, said that Gibson is expelled, I have been tired of talking about referee, this is a ridiculous thing. Although I lost today, we will find stability, and wait for our players to restore health, play a good performance, we can rush to the east in the two weeks.

5, Randel talked about the fierce communication with Fu Kiye: anyway, we will support each other. The midfielder, Donder and Funiya have had a fierce communication, and Randel said that what we see is that we are arguing, but we are just exchanged on the situation, back to the locker room. We have already understood, we will continue to retreat, we support each other.

6, the sun defeated the piston to get 18 consecutive victories, create a history record. After winning the piston today, the Sun team gain 18 victory. 18 The winning victory has also created a new recruitment of the new Sun team, and they have previously gain 17 winning winning in the 06-07 season.

7, Grizzlies Winner Thunder 73 points, Morant hair: I can’t wait to go back to the team. The Morant updated the social media is currently in the injury, a wonderful team victory, I can’t wait to go back to the team!

8. James is pushing: I am looking at the son competition, wearing a mask to the chin. James watched his son’s game, these small players were asked to wear masks, but their masks pulled below the chin, for this purpose, I was stunned, I am sorry, I am at the scene, but there is no meaning under the lower situation. .

9, team first! Grizzlread players scored a double, 6 of which were substitute. This game has a total of 93 points to create a record history. Among them, the first small Jalen 27 + 3, Di Long 11 + 3, Jones 10 + 6 + 9; Subject Melton 19 + 6 + 5, Clark 11 + 2, Tirman 11 + 3 + 4, Calf 11 + 4 +6, Kangchal 17 + 4 + 4, Alda 18 + 10 + 3.

10, HOOPSHYPE reporter: There will be a team inquiry Thaz, That is very popular in the alliance. Before Wood was injured, Tes had fallen out of the Rocket’s rotation lineup, but as the transaction deadline is approaching, there will be a team to inquiry Thasis to the rocket. That is very popular in the Alliance.

11, the ice man talks about the division of division: I am grinding technology, the basic work is very solid. The iceman once took 4 scorpions, he said, I never rest, I will keep training. I have been grinding my own technology, which is also the reason why I am. Training gave me confidence, let me face a variety of strict defense.

12, Ice people talk about nickname: I don’t talk very much, no trash in the game. Iceman said that this nickname and my character have a relationship. I usually don’t talk very much. I don’t spray the trash in the game. I also enjoy this nickname.

13. After the sun 18 games, Monti is spoke in the locker: we have more things to do. Montti said that I am proud of your hard work, you didn’t panic when your opponent counterattack. Play our tactics. I care about all the people, but we have a lot of things to do, there will be bigger difficulties waiting for us.

14, Bunden: Yangnis suffered a calf, and then observed in the next few days. Before today, the letter brother was temporarily decided to take a break after the warmth, and the brother said that he felt that the calf is not suitable. I need to observe a few days. I hope this is a
short-term issue.

15. Thunder coach: Sometimes, the most painful lesson can teach you the most things. At this point of interest, the Thunder is 73 points, setting up the NBA history’s maximum difference record. Dignot said that when you were hit and then tasted his blood, this feeling is very bad. Of course, we are not like this whole season, I hope that these painful lessons can teach us to grow.

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