The new season has not been able to open MLB president to write all the baseball fans as scheduled as a new champion.

On March 27, Beijing time, today, this is the first day of MLB aesthetic 2020 season. Mangfield trust all the baseball fans today, he believes that the epidemic will soon pass and then when it is the return of the baseball.

The original text of the letter is as follows:

Baseball is incapable in our hearts, every day, day and night, we have nothing to come by the opening day. For us, this day is especially important, it marks the arrival of spring, marking the recovery of all things, marking the beginning of a long and zigting season. We all hope that our home team can leave us a good-ended season.

But this year’s opening day is different, we must face everything we have experienced in optimism – the suffering of all humanity is suffering.

In order to better deal with the epidemic, we must follow the experts and the government instructions, and believe that the epidemic will soon pass, that is, when the baseball returns.

In the face of this unprecedented public health crisis, all of the baseball people make me feel very proud. We raise money to compensate for small union players who have not guaranteed; with the players, we donate $ 1 million to non-profit public welfare organizations such as “destroying hunger” and “wheelchair dining”. At the same time, 30 teams have agreed to provide 30 million US dollars to the racket employees who have affected income are affected. In addition, in the fight against the epidemic, we are willing to reach a helping hand for the charities that need help.

In this more than 100 years of MLB, each human beings encountered challenges, baseballs will stand together with human beings, and they are difficult to retrore, I believe this time no exception. Difficulties will always passed, when the epidemic disadvantages, we will come back, I hope to hear your cry on the court.

(Text / 耿 皓阳)

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