The spaceman player greets because of the "dark sign"? It seems that it is not so

February 29 (Wen / ESPN David Schoenfield Compilation / Fu Yanxiang) In the early days of the Spring training Ball hit! These cheating finally got a retribution! Before you start in the regular season, they have begun to be aimed at deliberately, with this, without a sports portal, dare to go out for the space man “sound”, or even some people who don’t understand baseball, or less listening to space The player was smashed a lot.

The expression method of this matter is indeed reasonable, but it is still necessary to combine some relevant information to understand, which is important and exaggerated, which will cause misleading of public opinion. Before this Friday, the spaceman players were attacked by 7 tentals, but this is not the most alliance, and the red squat is in total of 8 tentals, and they are obviously no reason to be intentionally attacked in the spring. In addition, four teams were smashed by 6 tits, including tigers, but no one would throw a tentabed ball with a team of 114 games last season.

At the same time, the seven players who have been tentabed by the spaceman have indeed included Otti and Braggman, but also included 3 low-level small alliance players. They have not come to space people in 2017, and some It is a newcomer who just joined the team this year. At the same time, Otti and Braggman are not in the speed of being hit. Otti’s feet are in a sinking ball, while Breggman is smashed by the Red Racious League Pitcher to the back, he and space People did not have a record of hand, Brageman himself also thought this was just a bomb ball that did not control well.

In the six pithers of the space players, only 3 in the same season in the big alliance, most of them are also the margins that work hard, they will not deliberately investigating the game And from their reaction, they are not intentional, who will deliberately attack those who are not in the list of space in the space in the space in 2017?

Therefore, things are not what people think, the space is rising from the number of tenths due to cheating scandals, which is indeed a reasonable narrative method, but does not have an inevitable correlation. Spaceman players have always heard the huge pressure from fans from all teams since the beginning of the spring training, and even the fans hit the garbage bucket under the trees outside the left and farpily, and after entering the regular season, these things have entered the regular season. There will be more and more, how can the team deal with this issue are also worthy of our concern.

In the future, there will be a smart
touch ball attack, but is it intentional? it’s not true.