The sun is very poisonous, didn’t see the wrong person! The 19 million will continue to CBA, and it has become the chief substitute for Paul.

Since the 19-20 season, Join the Sun, 15 years of Lotto Xikmelon Payne finally again stood in the NBA. At his career, he was the Thunder, and it was the title of “Wei Shao Dance”, but in addition to the dance skills, Payne’s ball technology is very good, but because of lack of opportunities, he is before career In the past few years, I have repeatedly turned Thunder, the Bulls, and the knights have not been reused, even if they run to the CBA Shanxi men’s basketball team, go to life. But only 2 games were played, and Peshen resolutely selected to return to the United States. It would rather be able to return to CBA from the development alliance.

It is convincing that after the sun in Orlando, the team refused, and the team launched his eyes on this backport player. And he has also successfully grasped the opportunity of these eight games, and the averaging 10.9 points of 3.9 rebounds 3 assists, helping the team have achieved a winning record. Later, Payne also got the sun’s renewal, because the Sun coach Monti Williams, who had served as the Assistant Team of the Penzu team, and he also knows that this young man is really powerful, but also begins to start boldly, let him A list of main rotation of the team.

It turns out that Williams did not look at it, sitting in the sun to replace the sixth person’s Penne, and played a big role in the last season, especially in Paul’s first round of war In those games, he has a good play, and even has a single game 20+ performance.

The rest period The sun continued to stay in the team in a 3-year price, and the Pethen who continued to stay, nor did the management disappointment. Although the early season was in the early season, he was able to get rid of the injury and returned to the race. The best 24 points 4 rebounds 3 assists. In the next game, he basically maintains the performance of the twice.

Up to now, Pethen is a team’s replacement guard. In the only 17.5 minutes of the game, you can hand over 9.6 points 2.6 rebound 2.6 assists. As the chief substitute of Paul, Payne is really important for this sun. Not only can help this old will control more about more rest, but also use your own score, organization to help
Book share a certain pressure. In the sun at 118 more than 97 Daye Nicks, Payne has made out of the battle for 17 minutes, 11 shots 5, cutting the tipping of the highest 13 out of 6 assists, + 14’s positive and negative value is also proud of the whole substitute A.

Up to now, the sun has achieved 16 wins and 3 negative achievements. In fact, after the game to defeat the knight, they have created the best record of 18 prestige before the team, and can continue to show yourself in this season. The competitiveness, the sun also proves that it is not lucky to kill the finals last season. In the case of several cores, if the team wants to return to the final stage, the green leaves like Payne Players are indeed indispensable!

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