What is dying? Dolphin’s first wins are not easy or affect the team’s long-term construction

November 6th (Wen / ESPN CAMERON WOLFE Compile / Love) When the Miami Sea Dolphin defeated the New York Jet in this week, we saw the carnival of the Dolphin. They even gave the main church Brian Flores, came to “Jiaoile Shower”, please, this is not a super bowl of victory! However, this victory simultaneously lets some people are unhappy – those who have full of thought that the team will sign in the group next year.

These people will think that the Dolphin team ignores the “disadvantage” of this victory to the compensation of its compensation. In particular, the tiger team has been 0 wins and 8 losses, and the record is 1 winner with dolphins, and there is a jet, red skin, and falcon. However, the players and coaches of the Dolphin team don’t think so, they feel that this victory is not easy, and refutes the statement of “igniting struggle.”

“We have never want to make up, so we don’t worry about these bad things.” Specialist team leader Walt Aikens said. Similarly, the defensive cut-off DAVON-Goldchochex added: “We have never been able to pass, do you think that we work hard every day?

People have long mistakenly: the Dolphin team has to defeat from the top, and then listened to the next year. However, NFL is not computer game. This victory is far from logical or even digital measure. It not only allows the team everyone to spend a wonderful day, but it is a long-term impact on the team. More than needed.

Young player’s harvest

“This team has no resistance” “This team is easy to defeat”, after the first two were abused, the Dolphin team has eaten 7 times after the game. From the team frequently selling their star players, in exchange for many election, they seem to focus on the 2020 draft conference. This allows media experts and even melon fans to mock them to them and give them a label of “igniting”.

Despite this, the players and coaches of the Dolphin team can not think so, the more better in recent recently games, and even have some insurance to touch the door. However, after seven games, when they finally got victim, many young players jumped out at this time and showed bright eyes.

Preston – Williams, Mike Gesicki, Christian Wilkins, Jerome Baker, Rewan – Mike Milan (Raekwon Mcmillan) and Wens Biegel, you will find that these teenages have quickly become the core of the team.

“I am worried with these young people, we have to break the prejudice of those who have a negative attitude toward us through the game through the game. Men should fight, we actively practice, actively prepare for war, work every day, so this victory It will be so special. “The team four points to Lien Fitz Patrick said,” When such efforts have returned, you can see your labor results, this feels great. “

Grasiki did not pick up at the Adam Gase, and in this competition, he faced the former coach to complete 6 games to advance 95 yards, the highest. Williams, a drop show, but in this season, it became a key weapon in the external hand of the dolphin. This game promoted 72 yards and 2 times. It seems that even the 2020 season, he is also the first hair. The first round of defensive disappearance Wilkins finally got the first time of career, the combination of Wi-counter and McMill is becoming more and more tacit. Big Bor is like a piece of jade, rough but full, and the time is also a good rushing hand.

A victory makes people see the progress of these young players, let them work hard half a season.

Dramatic progress

Not exaggerated, Florez is the most difficult coach of NFL this season. The margin team is scarce, and the people are scattered, and suddenly make a big action trading a week before the start of the season, and the season has not stopped after the start. So this victory also made him temporarily loose, even “Jia Zele Shower” and the boss’s Suthen-Rose’s game is worth it.

“This is where I like coaches, I like to build good interpersonal relationships in this position, and enjoy it.” Florez said, “this victory, and what they do for me, come to me Said significance. “

For a team who has changed 4 main coaches over the past 10 years, Florez has just begun to show some signs of the coach as this team, even this season is so painful. The offensive coordinator also helped him a lot of busy. To know, in the first 19th game at the beginning of the season, they only got 2 times; however, in the past 13 In the competition, they have already got 10 times.

This is a dramatic progress, at least showed more continuity in the offensive of the dolphine, and more aggressive. The coaches of the dolphins also play their energy to the extreme. Florez wants to be a successful coach in the Dolphus team. At present, it seems to be starting with a shame whispering a 0 win 16 loss, especially for this team who has reached a “perfect winning season”, this The shame is particularly glaring. At least now, the dolphine team doesn’t have to worry about such a thing.

Say good picture?

However, for many fans who won the dolphine team, their tricks have not ended, but it is only a little more difficult. According to ESPN data analysis, the Dolphin team still has 37.4% of the probability to take a lower source, although there are many probabilities of 66%, but still the highest probability of the full alliance. Even the tiger team that is currently unsatisfactory, can only be ranked second with a probability of 34%.

Such probabilistic arrangements may be surprised, but when you see the 16th Zhouhai Dolphin team and the Tiger team will make a positive conversation, this chance can understand. However, according to the statistics of ESPN, there is no more than one team in 16 games in 16 games in history. If the dolphine team and the tiger team can break the history, then the dolphine team does not really lose to the Tiger team, and they have the opportunity to obtain a 2020-year-old sign.

Then I have to talk about a topic that is often talking from the beginning of the season – Figure A!

Since the first week of the Dolphus, after the first week of the Dolphus, the name of the University of Alabama 4-dimensional Tu, Tua Tagovailoa is convenient to Miami’s close relationship. Yes, Tu A is a very good quadruping, although he is injured now, but it is also a big popular hot. However, is the dolphin team really needs to take the map to come over?

In fact, any team’s rebuild is not a day of work, and it is not necessary to choose a quadrant. The Dolphus team has three first roundabouts next year, and they have a salary space in next year or more than 100 million US dollars, so this season’s dolphine team acts as a seller role, but next year they may be crazy buyers. They have sufficient salary space and enough funds to replenish weak loops, which is much more important than when you sign a quarter-shock.

After tens of thousands of steps, the Dolphin team can wait until January, and then ponder how to use these three first rounds. But before the eyes, the player’s ability, the experience of the coach, and the winning belief that the team is injected into the winning of death is the most priority.