Why is this 24th, why is it worth looking forward to?

If we are in a single result, the https://www.nbatrikots4.com spurs in this season will not be successful, and it can even say something bad.

But I believe that for this situation, most fans are expected in the seasons.

For the Spurs, this is not a season of pursuing records. In this season, the spurs are more pursuit of young people in the team and use one or a few seasons to hoard more excellent talents.

Talent hoarding is required for time, and the exercise for young people has become the first task of the team this season. In this season, many young players have made some progress, and the most important thing is German-Wasler.

In 26 minutes, it can take 12.8 points and 1.2 steals, and can invest 2 three-pointers per game at 40% hit. This is his answer to the second season in his career.

On the court, he continued https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
to keep his feelings outside the three-point line. For the current Spurs, he is a few players who have fewer in the team that can stabilize the three points and open space. In addition, the increase in the end of the basket and the more stable medium distance is the surprise he brought us.

Compared with yourself in our season, Wassell show more confidence in this season. In the last season, although he also played some good games, you can always find that he will have some hesitation on the court, and in this season, it is a decisive, firm Players, run out, hit three points.

Intercepted the ball, the Fast Attack, a more mature, confident Wassel station, which will bring more value to this team.

At the end https://www.maillotbasket6.com of the season, there were many fans to think that Harripton should be chosen to choose Harriballon than Wassell, Spurs in the summer of the summer. This season’s performance is enough to prove that you are not more than anyone.

As a spurs, the first photo selected by the team in the past 20 years, Wassell has supported a lot of expectations. And from Wassell’s performance on the field.

3D is a direction he wants to work hard, but this does not represent his upper limit is a player like Danny Green. His talent is destined to do more.

Of course, for a young player, do a good job of defending, those who shoot in the midst of them are their foothold in the team and the league. But for a player who has already completed these work, he is eligible to pursue better.

In addition to tribial and defense, we can see that Wassel is also more in the game (this seems to have become the standard of Spurs players?), And in the summer league, we can also see He gains a ball, more as a team tactical initiation point instead of one end choice, although the performance on the Xia Union stage does not completely transform into a formal game, but this let us see More possibilities to Wassell.

As a lottery show, Wassell’s physical talent is worthy of we believe. In addition to exceptional static talents, Wassell also has a very good coordination and explosive power. In the game, it will occasionally pass a strong separator to show yourself is also a flat-free dunk.

Excellent arm exhibition and still a good movement speed, let Wassell can get from the back to the striker, excellent 3 breaks of hand make him indispensable in the current team. Nowadays, only his second season, as the saying goes: a new show for three years.

Wassell also has a lot of time to show their talents, to prove their various possibilities, for a such young person, we need to have a certain expectation.

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