Dissatisfaction is not traded? Falcon directly cut off the front first round Wei Mi Jinli

November 10 (Wen / ESPN Turron Davenport Compile / Love) Atlanta Falcon Road Wei Tak – McKeille is still in social media accuse team in the social media, it is not able to travel, now he is willing to pay It’s just a way. The Falcon is made in the end this week to make a decision less than 24 hours after the game of the wild horse – release the front first round guard! McKinli can still wait for other teams to pick themselves, and if there is no team to pick up during this, he will be cut off by falcon.

McKinley issued a message in the transaction deadline expressed his wish to be traded, and pointed out that the Falcon refused a lot of five-round or six-round trading. The four-year line of the team has asked the team to trade himself last year, and pointed out that the Falcon refused a two-round quote. After three five times of the toss, he finally leaving Atlanta, but it is just A less decent way.

In the 2017 Elite Session, the Falcon chose the young line of UCLA in the first round of the first round. At the time they were in the super bowl, they were prepared to hit the super bowl again, McKinley was sent to them. A highly hopeful impact weapon.

However, the first round show made them disappeared. In the past four years of career, he played 49 games, only 17.5 times and kills it; plus another rushing hand Victs Bisley’s silence, Falcon’s rushing strength is a fault decline in the last three seasons.

McKeli’s mediocre performance naturally made the Falcon refused to perform a rookie contract worth $ 10.3 million in the fifth year, but he did not grasp the opportunity in the last year of the rookie contract. Due to the influence of the injury of the groin, he did not play in the past two games; and in the four games previously played, he only hit 81 defensive, contributing to kill 1 time. The team finally simply used Steven Mins and Charles-Harris to replace him.

I don’t know if McKeille will prove yourself after the new east, but there is no doubt that he is flat in the premiere career.


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