In the case of the median, the TXT TXT TX 49 people will challenge the red bird

Beijing time on November 1st, 8:20 am, NFL2019-20 season regular season will open the curtain in a national west. The only unbeaten San Francisco 49 people team will be challenged by the Arizona’s Red Season.

Temcerity of the Qianlang and the List of List

The most important movement of the Salad Say Season is to use the champion to select the olive double repair, Kyle Murray, and even the first year’s first round selected quartz Swan Russen.

In the 17th week of regular season, I came to the 9th week, what is the “semi-semester” learning situation in the “half semester” learning? What is the difficulty of this “time test”?

Murray’s performance in the first half of the session can be described in a short half. 8 records 3 wins and 4 losses 1 flat is definitely the expectation of the Palchak Uniform Group.

85.8 The quarter-off guards were the second good results in the rookie season in 1967, second only to Melfield last year.

186 passed successfully maintained from Andru-Lak since 1970, the total number of union records in the first 8 passes in the top 8 passes, and the record of 209 passes of Mahms 209 It is also possible to touch, as long as Murray can complete 24 passes on this game.

Murray 7-4 Daguan CD Powder Pubford (6-7), Rac (10-8), Newton (11-9), the top 8 of Damanning (11-16) is good, and the number of mistakes There are many more than they.

But the one aspect of worry is that the number of 7 passes that can only have a few passes in the 8 games.

This year, I was selected behind him. At least two quarters of the first quarter of the first two, the 6th Daniel Jones, the first shipment of 10 Dalun, the first 16 piratory Xi Ming Xiangfa 7 games Ball.

And the seven passages of Murray reached only 3 games, and the other 5 he did not have any credits in the pass. This makes him with the same baht, and the ball is more than sharply known as the Mahumus, some phases are seen.

The “period of the medium exam” in this game Murray is still unparalleled, not only to meet this year’s List, Nick Bosa, but also meet his San Francisco 49 people.

The 49 people team is not only good to be recorded, but also in front of the defensive end, the first three, especially on the total proposal code of the opponent, is proud of the group.

List of eye-catching four-game (including Arik Armstead, DEE FORD), DEE FORD, Bakner) 7 games have been dedicated to 20 kills.

Bosa himself seven times (season 7, NFL history rookie No. 2), 13 four-point guard (5), 11 擒 抱 (1 Part 1), and Donald Part 1).

Interestingly, compared with the brothers of Jojo-Boss’s 2016, the number of kills and four-point guards in the top 7 games before Nick, just like the top 7 data of my brother, smashed There are more than a brother. The Bosa family is going to take the Watt family behind.

This game, the position of the Latlands, each of the offensive distances, the position of the Yuan Lang, it is inevitable that there will be no close contact opportunities.

Nick Both only need to kill Murray 3 times, you can break the history record of Leiji-White to maintain his career.

The 8 games of the Yunlang have been killed 26 times, although the past 4 games were only killed 1.5 times, but in the face of the Lang Lang, the day of the Tiger, I am afraid it will not be too good.

The first semester of this champion directly PK list is very worthy of attention!