Ingram 21 + 8 Glaham is bound!鹈鹕 险 贝尔 9 + 10 delivery

On November 27, Beijing time, the NBA regular season, the jazz hosted the dragonfly. In the first half, the jazz will open the difference to double digits. The squaders are tenacious to attack the climax to achieve the score. The two teams have only one
points in the end of the two teams. Jazz has tried to pull the difference in the second half.

In the fourth quarter of the fourth quarter, I played a wave of 13 to 3 offensive climax, and successfully achieved leading advantages. Mitchell stands forward, and the key moment gets 5 points, and the team is anti-ratios. However, Diqi did not abandon the game, Glaham 1.3 seconds three-point hit, and the Pelican 1 points against jazz. As Gobel shizes, the offensive foul is sent, and the Pelican is locked in the victory. The final pelican is in the jazz at 98 to 97, ushered in two consecutive victories.

Data statistics

鹈鹕: The whole team 5 people on the double, Engram 21 points 8 rebounds 5 assists, Varanas 11 points 10 rebounds, Hart 8 points 4 rebounds 5 assists, Glaham 9 points 4 assists 2 steals, Jones 8 points 3 steals, replace cach 15 points, Ernan Gomers 13 points 8 rebounds 5 assists, Lewis 10 points

Jazz 4 people on the team, Bogda Novich 23 points 4 rebounds, Mitchell 16 points 4 rebounds 6 assists, Gobel 9 points 10 rebounds 3 cover, Conley 12 points 4 rebounds 5 assists, O’Neill 6 points 3 rebounds 3 caps, replace Yeels 12 points 5 rebounds, Gay 9 points 3 rebounds, Clarkson 7 points 4 rebounds

At this star

Ingeram, the game was a 21-point 8 rebound 5 assists, and the team played the best and stable player. In the case of multiple backward times, Englem stands forward to recover the score for the team. When the fourth team is behind, the Ingeram led the team to attack a climax. At the critical moment, he touched again and made a foul, and a score for the team, and then sent to Glaham. In the end, the pelican can win the Sir, Englembellose is the first hero.


Ingerson breakthrough

Gobel Take Miao Hiller Chuan completed both hands

Ingram Miaolga Gargais completes the bugy

Ernan Gomyz stunned three points

Conley gorgeous footsteps turning

Game review

At the beginning of the first quarter, Varanunas turned to hook up, and took the lead to get the sports battle score. Glaham is three-pointed, and the Pelican is 5 to 0. Bogdad Novich individuals have 5 points, Mitchell breaks through the basket, and the jazz exceeds the score. Bogdad Novich three-pointed, Engraham and Hart were successfully broken, Bogdad Novich once again won 5 points, and individuals won 12 points 15 minutes before the team. Ingers broke through the basket, and the jazz was 8 points. Ernan Gomais on the basket, Mitchell turned to the jumper score, Lewis three-pointed, Gobel and Gair completed the dispensing, and the Jazz scored a double digit. . Walker and Lewis have reduced the difference between three consecutive points. At the end of the first quarter, Pelican 23rd behind Jazz.

At the beginning of the second-day competition, Elna Gomis and Engram continuously jumped, Walker three-pointed, the 鹈 鹕 7-0 starts anti-ratios. Jazz continued to play a wave of 15 to 2 offensive climax, and the difference was once opened again to double digits. Dove in the nearly three minutes of time, the Varancus hooks break the stalemate for the team. Glaham three-pointed, Mitchell jumper responded. England continuous jumper score, Ernan Gomerson shot three-pointer, and the anti-Chao score entered the second half. At the end of the half game, the Pelican 46 is leading jazz.

Easy fight again. Conley drift picking baskets, Englembedly stopped, Varancus went back, Mitchell and Conley continuous score. Varanas jumped, Jones hooked, Gobel hook score, Engram three-pointed. Bogdad Novich is scored, O’Neill three-pointed, jazz prechart. Jazz played a wave of 8-10 offensive climax and won 4 points leaders. Hart penalty score, Mitchell three-pointed, Walker jumped into a score, and the English three-pointed, Lewis broke the next basket, Clarkson three-pointed, Walker jumper. Temple three-pointed, the 鹈鹕 will chase 1 point. Conley turns back and throws a score. At the end of the three games, the Pelican is 72 to 75 backward jazz.

At the end of the last season, Ernan Gomers pockets, and Gair Turned and bounce, Engaged in Jumping, Iriscation responded. Hart is empty, and it is three-pointers in the three, and Engraz will be hit, and Elna Goms is in the basket, and Walker is scored. Bogdadenovic three-point hit, Walker triple is also colored. Hart and Jones scored continuously, and the Pelican played a wave of 13 to 3 offensive climax in the past four minutes. Conley punishment score is a team stop loss, Bogda Novich lay back, Jones basket scored. Mitchell’s personal is 5 points, and the jazz exceeds the score. Leng Bell went into the basket, Gobel was punished, and the jazz won 4 points. After the foul is fouled, 2 penalties 2, Glaham 1.3 seconds three-point hit, and the 鹈鹕 1 points lead. With the critical moment of Gobel, the attack is divided into the game.

Both parties

鹈鹕: Glaham, Hart, Herbert – Jones, Ingram, Varanas

Jazz: Conley, Mitchell, Boyan – Bogdad Novich, Royce – O’Neill, Gobel

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