Is it not as good as Saint Nick? The eagle coach Pederson is quite a quarter of Wei Wenz

November 12th (Wen / ESPN TIM MCMANUS Compilation / Love) Although there is not much intersession, the Philadelphia Eagle coach Doug – Pederson and the front packaging work name HK 4 points Between Bunret Falv But private, because the two were a teammate for packaging; but recently, their friendship boats actually got a slight wave, just because of a person – Eagle main quartz, San Wenz.

Carson - Winz

Carson – Winz

Recently, Fafer’s main four-point went to the Wenz, the main four-point guard of the bear team, and the eagle should be decisive, and the eagle should be decisive to use the Works rather than Continue to believe Wenz. However, Pederson apparently does not agree with such views.

“I respect his opinions and what he said, but these are not my thoughts.” Pederson said at the press conference on Wednesday. “It is best not to convey these words to me, otherwise I will and Fah Some troublesome. Carson is our trustworthiness, this is the bottom line of our team, this is here. “

Falfer is talking about this matter in a program on Tuesday ESPN. He said that the eagle should make a decision that is completely opposite now when choosing Falls and Wenz. Because Falls helped the eagle won the 2017 season super bowl champion, and helped the team in the 2018 season, the eagle chose to go to Falls after the end of the 2018 season, and gave Wenz a 4 year. A large contract worth $ 128 million.

“In fact, I think they should leave Falls, not Wenz, which is based on their past game content and achievement decision.” False said, “Fall said,” Fall, “Falls helped them won the super bowl, Although some are surprising, it is obviously because of the excellent performance of Falls. When retaining him and cutting him, the eagle has hesitated how many times, this is afraid that only the eagle management can answer. “

Pedson said twice that he respects Fair’s point of view, he would like to avoid this problem, but when the reporter issued questions, Pedson strongly supported Wenz.

Eagle coach Doug - Pederson

Eagle coach Doug – Pederson

“Carson is the candidate we dedicated. He is the four-point guards we selected. He is the person who will lead our team.” Pederson said, “Everyone has the right to express their own opinions, but that is not me. Said, not Haoy Rosman said, not Jeffrey Lurai, which represents his personal opinion. I respect his point of view, no matter what he said, it is still a friend, but the same, no matter what he Say nothing will harary me. “

Fafer is not reasonable for Wenz’s questioning, this 2016 annual eye show is experiencing the worst season in career. After the end of the 9 games, Wenz 16 mistakes caused the ball translation, 12 times of clause and 32 times were killed, and the leading ball success rate 58.4% Ranking League 31st, pass the ball, 6.1 code Ranked 29th, multiple data subscribers column league countdown.

When asked about the view of Fafer, Wenz as a fan called himself did not know this. “It doesn’t matter these words. Everyone has their own point of view, I will do it yourself.” Wenz said.

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