James’s middle distance is too much than Davis, why don’t he hit a distance?

The conveyor will make more problems to expose, after three overtime, the Lakers have been caught in the vortex, and Davis, which is poor. Davis has been questioned. In https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com fact, Davis’s overall performance is still possible, averaging 24.3 points 10.2 rebounds 3.1 Assistance 1.3 steals 2.3 clocks, the shooting rate is 53.3%, and the three-point ball rate is 16.7%. From the data, Davis’s three-pointer performance is very bad, but detailed analysis, in fact, Davis’s shooting has problems.

As of November 28th, Beijing time, the alliance has a total of 7 players to reach 100+, which is 160 times of Durzan, 126 Bark, 116 Durant, 112 Ingram 112 Tie, George’s 108 times and Murray and Davis’s 107 times, this 7 players, Durant’s mid-range hit rate reached 55.2%, is the only player in the middle distance of 50% + And Davis’s mid-range hit rate is only 38.3%, which is the only one in these seven players in a player who is less than 40% of hit rates.

38.3% of the mid-range hit rate and 16.7% of https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com the three-pointers in the middle of the 38.7% are enough to prove that Davis is more in shooting, and the proportion of the two regions of Davis is not low. Davis completed a total of 374 shots this season, including 107 times from the middle, three-pointer 42 times, medium distance and three-pointer accounted for 39.8%. For an inner player, Davis’s distance and three-pointer’s shots are not low, but the efficiency is terrible, so it has further influenced Davis’s efficiency.

However, there is a phenomenon that it is unacceptable, that is, James’s middle distance is too much than Davis, but James has no main meditation. So far, James’s medium distance is 39 shots, with a hit rate of 53.8%. From the hit rate, James’s mid-range hit rate is more than 15.5 percentage points higher than Davis, which can be said that James’s middle https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com distance is wearing Visse is more grasped, but James’s middle distance is extremely low. This season, James completed a total of 199 shots, which accounted for only 19.6% in the middle distance.

Such data seems to be a little strange, clear James has a better medium distance hit rate, why https://www.maillotbasket6.com his middle distance is better than such a low, and the 3rd perspective of 28.6% of Davis is still low, it is difficult to be a lake. The tactics have problems? In fact, in the final analysis, it is still the characteristics of James affected the Lakers’ play. So far, James has invested 21 middle distance, but the distance from the goal is only 4.8%, what does this mean? James cast a distance of 21, and only one referred to a team of friendly assisted, the rest of the 20th of the ball was all the ball attack.

Davis did not have the same, 48.8% of the 41nd road in his voted was a teammate assisted, that is It is the independent attack. Then we can find the answer, James’s midst of James is the end of his own ball, he can find rhythm in the process of drum, and Davis is different, and his middle distance of his approach is a https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
teammate assists back .

In fact, this is the current problem of the Lakers. James and Wei Sha are the core of the ball. They all belong to the type of ball is not in hand, even if it is a good hit rate in a certain area, it is because of the ball In the case. Teammates are more difficult. They need to complete the end in a stateless state, and an offensive round may have no chance to touch the ball, and the hand feels to come to anyone is a small challenge. So, don’t blame the Davis’s bad medium, because this is not his own problem. When is James’s mid-range goal from the assist rate to Davis, the Lakers’ questions may be solved.

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