Jets lose belly does it feel? Derek – Carl face do not respect the

After the November 26 hearing (text / Barney Roy) wave of three consecutive victories, the Oakland Raiders with strong momentum came to New Jersey, ready to take a wave of victory over the New York Jets in a weak body, is the impact of road playoff team to contribute.

However, contrary to all expectation, the Oakland Raiders made only 3 points in the body of the New York Jets, the final score to 3-34 suffered a heavy defeat.

A 31-point defeat completely defeat the Oakland Raiders of confidence. If the Raiders can successfully win the New York Jets, then they have a chance to get on the location of the first name of the AL West, playoff hopes greatly improved.

Unfortunately, Raiders eventually so embarrassing painful way to lose, this will not only allow the Raiders soldiers face no deposit, but also to the team’s playoff hopes become outstanding again.

Faced with such a bad situation, Raiders starting quarterback Derek – Carl (Derek Carr) lost to the Jets this respect it is too shameful.

“We face discreditable! We’d better move on, in order to stimulate our fighting spirit, otherwise the next game, we might be beaten by 50 points the Kansas City Chiefs, we face no deposit, we were off the hook the “Derek – Karl the case said.

Derek – Carl audience 27 pass 15, came out only a 127 yards steals, but you know, during the whole season, Karl has maintained more than 70% success rate legend, quarterback rating remains at 100 above, came 15 touchdowns and only six steals.

So as Carl said, this loss is more like an accident, Raiders hard power is still strong.

“But while saying this game frustrating, but honestly, this season we’ve won six games, no one can be optimistic about the season before we do that, we are still a good team, that is the truth, we are building the foundation of success. “

Among the game, Raiders of the state like sleepwalking, face the risk of attack weak Jets, Raiders defense team actually no way they could not to Jets quarterback Sam – Da Nuode (Sam Darnold) exerting too much pressure.

And due to the influence of rain, wet, slippery field and rugby let the Raiders offense stalled, mistakes continue to emerge.

The whole game, the Raiders were completely blocked in both ends of the ball and the red ball, even the free-kick also continued sliding doors, the whole game can only rely on Raiders play three points.

Faced with these circumstances, the Raiders coach Jon – Gruden (Jon Gruden) frustration that weather factors have affected the team’s play, but this is not the whole reason for their struggling.

“Really bad weather, which has a great impact, but this is not an excuse for us losing. This alliance can not be canceled because of the weather and the race, we appear too many mistakes, bad, kick-off errors, just the second half we appeared four times tee mistakes, too bad! “

“We missed kick, missed tackles, missed scoring. We face no deposit in front of the fans, I am very disappointed!” Gruden coach bluntly.

Raiders for such a young team is growing, the majority of people in the team have not experienced a full season, the face of such bad weather conditions, the Raiders this young team looks completely by surprise.

The coach Gruden also surrendered early in the game, at the end of the third quarter, the Raiders take it down a starting quarterback Derek – Karl put off the bench.

Previous three games, the Raiders with a wave of beautiful three consecutive victories to prove their strength, but this loss is like a growing frustration among young people, young people if the Raiders can smoothly out of the shadows, and that they must you can achieve greater progress.

Next, the Oakland Raiders have to face two consecutive playoff wins and 4 losses competitors –7 Kansas City Chiefs and 6 wins and 5 losses Tennessee Titans, regardless Raiders want to compete for a playoff directly or places outside card eligible, they must defeat both enemies.

“Losing is not fun, but this is football, I did not do a good job coaching, but I’m looking forward to the next game, we’ll be ready to face the playoffs competitors.” Coach Gruden said. .

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