Little Bearli is a new enemy of MLB? Both sides putter in vision

On June 13, Beijing time, the MLB’s avente war was awarded a national service, challenge Coloradolukyo by Chicago Cobport, although the worship won the victory of the game, but the two parties will not be smooth, there are four People have been conflict in both sides of the ball.

Rocky 3rd base is Nalan-Arrecoto is the first player who has been tent on the game today. The first half of the bears in the third bureau is a fast ball strike in the third bureau. His left front arm. Subsequently, the Rocky coach immediately helped Arena to tighten the injured parts with adhesive cloth, and finally used McMama to change the Arena.

“I will happen in the game before the game,” Arena said after the game. “I don’t think there is anything that happened. If you look at our contest in Chicago home, you will definitely see a similar situation in Rocky. This is baseball, nothing to explain. I just think that Ten the ball gave me a bit high. “

Arena refers to the challenge of the bear, including a few worsen
players in the ball, including the former Kingdom MVP Chris Bryant. Bryant was smashed in Chicago, Mikham, and then was defeated twice again in Tuesday night. Lambert again. Just last year Marquez also hurts the helmet of Bryant’s home Kursk.

The contradictions occurred on both sides seem to be integrated in today’s game, and the bear pitcher Cole-Hamels is considered to be deliberately reported to the rock, so they choose the other party’s star Arena.

“I am not intentionally,” Hames said bluntly in the game. “I just want to catch out as soon as possible. I don’t want to vote for it, I don’t want to see some players injured.”

After being smashed by this straight ball, Nolan – Arrecoto immediately screamed and smashed the Hamels. In the fifth game Arena, because the arm is disconnected by the Rocky main coach.

“This is part of the baseball,” Hames said to reporters. “There is always a player who will yell on me, whether it is good or bad.”

After the nuclear magnetic resonance examination, the forearm of Arena is not a problem. As part of the baseball, there is an answer, when the seventh game is on the seventh place, Hammeris is hitting, Luoki pitted Brian-Xiao Directly lost to his ankle. “Those balls are really voted,” Hames said in the end. “Now I feel uncomfortable.”

One of the bearings and Rocky is not over. In the eighth game, the Bear Star Based on the Anthony – Rizuo was pitched in Philip-Diri. The referee gives a pitcher warning.

The Bayz with the https://www.mlbtrojerdk.complay strike ended with a ball, and the ball was directly put out of the ball game into two points. The bear finals also overcome Rocky in 10-1.