MLB Seattle Mariners Ichiro home to change the title or the opportunity to appear here

January 5 hearing against Yusei Kikuchi to join the Seattle Mariners occupy a lot of headlines after the New Year. Observant viewers may find, team staff no longer said in a news conference on the signing Kikuchi “Welcome to Sai Feike stadium (Safeco Field)”, but “Welcome to T-Mobile Stadium (T-Mobile Park) . “

Mariners T-Mobile new home stadium envisioned map

Mariners T-Mobile new home stadium envisioned map

In fact, the team in mid-December 2018 to confirm and T-Mobile company to reach a new title sponsorship agreement. This is the third title of the stadium by the telecommunications company, while the other two are Rogers Center Toronto Blue Jays (Rogers Center) and the San Francisco Giants AT & T Park (AT & T Park). The new title sponsorship contract period of 25 years, the total amount of 87.5 million, equivalent to $ 3.5 million per year title sponsorship fee. These costs will be used to maintain and improve stadium facilities.

Before court title sponsor Se Feike insurance company announced two years ago not to renew it early, so the team find a new sponsor. This sailor with an openable and closable roof stadium opened in 1999 and since that time since the stadium was named as Se Feike court, lasted 20 years.

Se Feike Stadium witnessed history sailor two decades, the catchy name and also a legend from Japan – Ichiro Suzuki linked together. Whether it is a chain – hits, home runs or confiscated in right field, Ichiro stadium in Sai Feike left countless memories.

2017 season, Ichiro effectiveness Miami Marlins period, the team visited the Sai Feike Stadium, the Marlins and Mariners specially made joint Ichiro bobblehead models wearing two “Ichiro” a sailor and left a Marlins jersey Right, it is marked on the base 262 single-season record he hits and hits of the 3000 Major League.

No one underestimated Ichiro Suzuki's fielding ability, even if he has more than 40 years old, can still put on a good show confiscate a home run

No one underestimated Ichiro Suzuki’s fielding ability, even if he has more than 40 years old, can still put on a good show confiscate a home run

This ball was originally thought to be a curtain call Sefei Ke Lang perform at the stadium, but in the 2018 season, as sailors once suffered serious injuries in the outfield, general manager Jerry – Di Botuo FireWire signed Ichiro. The home opener held, Ichiro scenery debut in fans Shan Hu tsunami. The second game of the season still left fielder Ichiro completed a record shaking confiscation home run.

However, he was already 44 years old Ichiro has not much bright spot, and 47 seats only hit surrendered to combat measurements 0.205 / 0.255 / 0.205. He was forced to turn any special assistant to general manager in May, although still maintaining training with the team, but no longer played any game.

2019 Major League season opening war started in Japan Tokyo Dome, sailors and Oakland Athletics will conduct 2-game series. Union special permission two teams can carry a large list of 28 people participating, so early view is that there will be a sailor Lang put the game list. Thursday, Di Botuo finally confirmed the news: “Ichiro will be participating as a player with the team to Tokyo We’re still exercise lineup, Mickey – Hani Ge will be right field, Mallet Alex – Smith is in the outfield. Domingo – Jay Santana is the first choice left field – Bruce there will be some combat opportunities, including left field and designated hitter, occasionally a base station. “

However, Tokyo’s opening series only two games back in the US team will return to the list of 25 people. For Ichiro then can remain in the array, Di Botuo open-minded: “Frankly, if Ichiro state brave in two games, played seven hits, he played for the Mariners a good chance Game 3 we will not decide anything beforehand, we give him a chance to debut, he how to do on how to do it. “

Ichiro continued difficulty playing career a lot, but can be expected that, once he finally retired, sailors are very happy to give him a management or coaching positions. Dibo Tuo said: “We hope Ichiro will always be a sailor, but you ask him himself, he always believes he can continue to play before the first bridge to cross the bridge, these things later..”

Se Feike stadium witnessed the 2004 October 2 Ichiro Suzuki broke the single-season record of 257 hits in MLB

Se Feike stadium witnessed the 2004 October 2 Ichiro Suzuki broke the single-season record of 257 hits in MLB

Se Feike stadium witnessed the brilliant sailor short and long-term lows. In 2001 sailors Hao to take 116 wins, breaking the American League record, which is the most successful season in team history, but the team crashed out of the American League finals, and then it no longer experience the taste of the playoffs. For a long time, Ichiro is almost the only reason for fans to watch the games live, the court changed its name seems to indicate Ichiro era was about to close.

Currently sailor maintains four major North American league’s longest playoff drought, the bright side, perhaps the team can take home the title sweep away the bad luck to change, to open a new chapter. For Ichiro, it is clear that he never intended his 2019 season to stay in Tokyo, T-Mobile stadium announcer sounded his name would not be worthy of the fans look forward to.

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