MLB24 daily expansion of the country VS Space World Competition Pitcher war suspense upgrade

Beijing time October 24th 08: 08, the World Series (World Series) World War, Washington National Team continued to serve the Houston’s juice, challenge the alliance’s best tenth space team. Will live live on this game, welcome fans to watch.

Battle review

The National National Competition won the opening of the door, and 5-4 victims of the main team. Young superstar Juan Shero contributed fierce, 3 security hits included a spring gun, and 3 points. After the first half of the fifth game, Xie Zul has completed the five games, but the number of balls has reached 112 goals, the national decisive use three pitcher Padrick-Corbin to eat the sixth game, then the national The remaining three are all eaten by the cowshed, although the seventh games and the eighth games are lost, but they can still hold the results.

The space is unfavorable. Although the trial Gritco adheres to the 7 bureau, it was lost 5 points to defeat, and the recent 16 first issuance can help the spaceman win the competition. The only thing that can comfort is a small amount of cowshed, Harris and Qiao-Smith eat a next game. Space people have constantly appendicent, but almost all bings have residual bases, up to 25 restrictions (LOB).

Game point

Compared with Dirker, this pitcher’s play code is not weak, and Strasberg is also a strong investment level, and it is very good in the playoffs. The spaceman dispatched Wilded this alliance today’s big pitcher. The two teams walked in the first battle in the first battle, and there were many troubles to make these two strong investment. The problem of unstable cowshed in the country is still remarkable, see if the space man can better grasp the opportunity.

First firing

National Team First Pointer: Stephen – Strasberg

The space team first pitcher: Justin Wirant

The nationals sent another trump card, “Steever Stephen Strasburg” Stephen Strasburg served. The 31-year-old pitcher took a new high 18 victory in the regular season, and his career was ever taking more than 200 bureaus. And his small sample in the playoffs is very good, and 4 wins were taken at 7 times, and the self-sharing rate is powerful 1.10. This season is more 4 times, I will win 3 wins, and the 22 game is only 4 points. He first dated back to 10 days ago, he was in the third battle of the National United Champion Series of the Red Tit, and the 3rd battle was killed 12 times.

The first firing of the space team is Justin Verlander. The 36-year-old, right, right, in this season, to win the most alliance in the regular alliance, eat the most 223.0 bureaus, and the best Radity whip is the best 0.80. However, he is a bit uncomfortable in this session, and four defeats are swallowed in four games. 4 points, bears the defeat. Because Teammaster Grite-Cole’s epic performance, “V Middle-age” can take care of the second game of the competition, still quite suspense.

Focus star

The national 35-year-old, Ryan Zimmerman, is the first draft after the National Team moved to the Washington DC to the Washington SAR. In the past 15 years, he has been working for national efforts. The holder: including 1784, running back to 936 points, 270 rampant and 1015 points. After he experienced the 8th year of 1689 games in history, he finally appeared in the World Competition and has excellent performance. Under the situation where the opening of the lagoon 0-2, Zi Merman branched a spring gun in the second game, and returned to the world’s team’s world competition. This kind of morale was large.

2017 World Competition MVP, Spaceman’s Chinese and Foreign Wilder “Spring Brother” George – Springer is in front of the first two rounds before the season, but when he returned to the World Competition, he quickly returned, in the first battle, four times Including two guarantees, and send a second base to play and a home run, this is also the only home run in the space. This strike has also made him become the first player who can play the homework in five consecutive world competitions in the history of the big profit.