NBA-Lakers bad news! The first absence of the gods season, Lao Zhan lifted the return, the starter changed again

On November 25th, Beijing time, the NBA regular season
continued to start, and the Lakers took back to the slave. In the pre-match, the hurt report, Anthony Davis, this time, because of the illness of sick, this is the first absence this season, so in James to make the return, starting today.

In the first injury report, James and Davis were placed in the list of doubts, 50% of the possibility, additional Aliza, Nan and Lifes were still absent.

In the interview in advance, the head coach Wogel revealed that “James will play tonight, but Anthony Davis will latency in the competition tonight. After the game last night, he had a fever, he lie in bed. A whole day. Unless he is fever, he can’t leave the hotel. “Then the Lakers officially https://www.maillotsbasketfr.comconfirmed that Davis will absence the competition, this is his first missed competition for the first time.

Davis is absent, James is lifting the return, because in the game with the piston, hit the face of Stewart, resulting in the blood flow, and then there will be some outbreak conflicts. Finally, the alliance officially gave James 1 disabled, and Stewart is a 2-game penalty.

In addition to the ban, James’s abdominal muscles are not completely recovered, but today, he will still choose to take injuries and want to lead the team out of the predicament. The last game team failed to achieve a big reversal, and finally, it was regrettable to lose the game, and the victory rate of the Lakers was less than 50%.

With the absence of Davis, the Lakers can only be forced to replace the starting lineup, and the last game is just James’s absence of Davis, the other 4 people are still Wei Shao, Bradley, Xiatu and small Jordan.

Due to the absence of Davis, the Lakers’ small lattice will also change, Woger revealed that the team has discussed James or melon to play the super small lineup of the 5th position, but face the pedestrians and will not appear After all, there is small Sabinis and Turner, so arrangement is to give up the inner line.

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