The reproduction plan is postponed again! Giant runs to run BBLL infection new crown

New York Giants run away from Sakkan – Barkley hopes that you can get back this week, but it is postponed again. Barkley’s new crown was positive, but he still had to debut in the game on Sunday. It is reported that Bakley has already vaccinated that he needs to be negative if he needs no symptoms.

Buckley is one of several players who have been tested this week, and he is hoped to debut on the weekend. In addition to Barley, defensive rear-wants Zeville-McKini and offensive front line players Matt Skula entered the list of new crown pneumonia agreements and did not participate in training. The main coach Qiao Jia Qi said: “This is our first time I have made multiple tests in the same week, and the players who have no vaccination will accept the detection every day, some of which must be a second test today, and those confirmed The player will continue to observe. “

“So any player who detects positive must leave the team until they have been negative in there, and then they can go back to the team.” If it is not a new championship, Buckley seems to be very hope this week. Go to the team. In addition to his other than him, it is also true that he is in the fifth week, because of his knee injury, he will return to return next week.

In the fifth week, it was lost to Dallas cowboy. Baxley had missed the past three games due to an ankle injury. The giant will enter the wheel next week, although Bakley seems to be recovered from the injury. He is not very good in five games this season, and 54 shots have advanced 195 yards, and they have achieved two times, and the scorpion code is only 3.6 yards. In addition, 13 batches have advanced 130 yards, 1 time reacted.

“I will not eliminate any possibility now,” Jia Qi said: “The two people seem to have a small progress. We all want to play with us, we must rely on the medical department to give us a lot of feedback I know these two people, I know, they all put forward strong reasons and motivation. I know that they are very eager to return to the team, we want to give them a chance, let them go to the field. I believe this day It’s coming. “