Who is missing! The Rockets San Sheng Yue, the first 5 tiger broke out, can Jaylin can have no?

On November 28th, Beijing time, the Rockets passed the Tower Sediment in the event of the Eastern Tour, and obtained 2 consecutive victories. From the pre-book strength, https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
the Rockets seem to be the opponent of the Powerful Hornets in the absence of the main defender Jay-Green. The Hornets have been good for this season, and the staff is also very reasonable, three goals, Hayward, Bridges and Ubrey are the most critical players of this team.

The Rockets are not good in this season, although the Rockets have a lot of the Rockets home, but if the strength of the two teams, the Rockets is difficult to win the Humblebee team. However, the process of the game can be very different from the theoretical forecast, the Rockets are not only playing with the Hornets, but also has a slight advantage, the last Rockets passed the overtight of the opponent at the home, and won 2 connectors Sheng – this is the first consecutive victory of the Rockets this season, very precious!

It is worth https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com noting that this game Salas gave Matthew’s first chance, he did not let Medium Thas becomes the first center, but used 3 guard lineups – small port, Matthews, Rurong as the backfinder, Tit + Wood as an expenses, such a lineup is similar to the previous, just Jay, Green’s location is replaced by shooters. Matthew did not let Sierras disappoint, the first quarter cuts 10 points, and he sent a 20-point 3 rebound 1 steal data, and he also hit 5 three-pointers.

Compared with Jay-Green, the Matthews that also developed the Allied Snake Team playing, can’t talk more, but from the way of hard work, it seems that Matthews is more victorious-Green. We know that Jay-Green will spend too much time with social media, but may not work hard. But Matthews is different, he is not high, only with more training to strive for opportunities.

From https://www.maillotbasket6.com the Development League to the Rockets for the Rockets, then enter the rotation lineup of the replacement, in today’s game, Matthew directly upgraded to the Rockets of the Rockets to the Rockets. This kind of effort is not everyone can do. of.

In the event of the effect, Matthews although the exercise capacity is general, the speed is not fast, but his offensive technology is comprehensive, and the three-pointers are his best score. In addition, it breaks through the basket, and the medium distance shooting. In addition, Matthew Strong Green’s place is that he is willing to strive to defense, each round is very desperate, and Matthew’s confrontation ability is better than Green. Green can’t say that he does not work hard, but his experience is lacking, and the body is too thin, making him often injured in the https://www.nbatrikots4.com game, just like the previous game.

The last Green only took only 11 minutes, and this is directly lacking, but the Rockets have won 2 consecutive victories. This is not an explanation that the Rockets’ Jay-Greening is a “no” player? Because there is no more record of the Rockets without Green, and the operation on the field is better.

The rocket is two consecutive winnings who are embarrassed, and now the performance from the Rockets Competition seems to prove this argument. The Rocket “First Four Tiger” all scored a double ushered in the eruption, no Green, the Rockets truly formed a starting lineup with small ports, Wood as the core.

So can only say that Green needs to be diverted, otherwise, he will be preempting by Matthew in the first position of the Rockets. But Green is still the cornerstone of the https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com Rocket, but he needs to have a good life in the first 18 games after this injury.